Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Wouldn’t Want A Cute Fairy To Wake Them?

One of Lael’s big Christmas requests was her very own alarm clock. She watches Hannah Montana, iCarly, True Jackson and all those other “big girl” shows on Nick and Disney. So of course I wasn’t surprised that she wanted a clock so that she could wake up on her own. Cute huh?

I could have found her a black, $5 clock at CVS that would have done the job. But where’s the cuteness factor in that? I searched the World Wide Web and found something I thought would fit her perfect.

Isn’t it A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E?!?

It has a steady light at the top and a switch button to light up a night light on it. It also has the radio and buzz feature like a regular alarm.

So of course I thought it would take FOREVER for her to get the hang of it. Sunday night before getting ready for bed to go back to school after Winter Break, I took it out of the box and got it all set up in her room.

I showed her how to hit SNOOZE and how to reach on the side and click it OFF. Yeah.

So Sunday night she ends up in the bed with me and I end up having to shut it off Monday morning.

Monday night she stays in her bed but sleeps through the alarms so I have to wake her Tuesday but I make her shut if off herself.

Wednesday morning she does wake up on her own with the alarm but hits snooze and pulls the covers back over herself. I don’t think so missy. I explain that when the alarm goes off she needs to turn it off, get up and get dressed.

I figured it would take forever for her to get the hang of THAT.

That’s what I thought until this morning. I was already dressed and downstairs putting her lunch in her bookbag. I hear the alarm off and held my breath.

I hear her turn it off immediately. Then it was quiet for about 30 seconds. Then I hear her little footsteps and then she yells down that she doesn’t have a shirt to put on.

I was so proud. She was getting herself ready but didn’t have her shirt because it was still in my hand. But she did it. All by herself.

Well almost.

While we were eating breakfast the alarm goes off again. She hit snooze but forgot to turn it off. Who cares right?

Nobody’s perfect. :o)


  1. My biggest pet peeve in the world is the sound that damn alarm makes. Drives me batty.

    But seriously? Give the girl her damn shirt already.

  2. YAY for Lael. That's a big step and it will be so helpful when the baby comes too.

  3. Awesome job both of you!! I still wake up my sons myself, and they're 13 and 7. But I do it creatively. Like threatening to tell my 13-year-old EXACTLY how babies are made if he doesn't get up. *snicker*

  4. OHHH MMMM GGGG....... that thing is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! My daghter would love it (she loves fairies)!!
    I need to get her a clock in her room thanks for the idea!! ;-)

    BTW- how is the pregnancy going?

  5. Ok~I'm with Lindy on this one! The beep, beep, beep!! No wonder I wake up grumpy everyday!! Well, maybe it's not the alarm, but it doesn't help! HA! Miss you! :P

  6. Lael just rocks! I love fairies!!! xD

    Glad to have you back! Missed you tons! :)

  7. And so begins the snooze song, one I still dance too every, single morning.

  8. That's a cute little alarm clock.

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