Monday, March 17, 2008


So I have never been one that's against gays or lesbians. I think it is everyone's personal choice on what type of sexuality they want to be involved with. However, I am usually able to tell if someone is Gay and I am sure that they are able to tell as well. This being said, I'm at work today and there is this girl in here working on our computers. I say hello and smile because I am polite but I'm afraid that was my first mistake. A few minutes later she walks up behind me and just starts talking. No hello my name is...but full out just talking like we know each other. I smile again and respond but try to show her that I am busy and need to get back to work. Problem soloved...nope. Ten minutes later she's finds me again and I'm not just sitting at my desk but walking around trying to get stuff done. At this point I have picked up on the "I"m a lesbian" vibe, which is cool, but I'm sure it's pretty obvious that I am not. I manage to shake here once again and walk back to my desk to grab my bowl and wash it out. Oh but guess who finds me and decides to walk all the way out of my office, down the hall and follow me to the ladies room still trying to hold on a conversation! LEAVE ME ALONE !!! That's what I'm thinking but I continue to be nice but I'm quickly getting annoyed. She leave and I get back to my desk and think wow, I'm glad that's over but I continue to jump to conclusion. This time she corners me at my desk, proceeds to lean on it and just open up her life story to me. SERIOUSLY. She stands there for a good 15 minutes telling me many things I don't care to know and I smile and nod and make inputs when necessary. Meanwhile, my co-workers are walking pass my desk giggling because they are well aware of what's going on. Why me?? She still in the office so I'm sure it's not over yet. Wow it's going to be a long day, I'm flattered, really...but no thanks.

Oh yeay!! She just left but not before shaking my hand and giving me a wink!! You've got to be kidding me...

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  1. LOL!!! This is great! Well we both know that you are gorgeous, so I guess all you can do is take it as a compliment :)


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