Friday, February 5, 2010

Can You Guess Who Took Shots Of My Ass?

I took this picture before we went Lael's first game last Friday. Cute right?


Once I got to the game I realized I couldn't coach and take pictures at the same time.  This is when I passed it to one of the parents who had forgotten their camera. 

Cool right?  They would take pictures of their kid and mine.


Most of the pictures turned out like this:
(Me trying to get up off my knees)


Or this one where I was nicely bent over cheering the girls on as they prepared for their half-time cheer.


Or this one where I am BLINKING! Are you serious?


He (yes of course it was a man) did manage to get one good picture.


How cute is she?  Oh and Lael is cute to huh? Ha!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey wave those pics proudly - girl, you don't even look pregnant in those! How did you manage that. By this time in my pregnancies I was sporting a big everything. The last pic is adorable.

  2. She's HOT!! And well, Lael is cute as ever!!! I miss ya'll so much!! OK...Pull yourself together! Love you...

  3. Lael is just a mini-me! Too cute!

    And hey, there's nothing wrong with your ass!

  4. Okay - the fact that you are pregnant, wearing jeans AND your ass still looks piss me off.

  5. You guys are so perty. Trying to figure out which cheerleader legs belong to the punk you mentioned below...

  6. Such a great pic of the two of you!

  7. Ok, but seriously, your ass is in good shape. No need to complain about a thang!!!!

  8. Yeah...better luck next time. Ask a MOM! That last one was great, though. And Lael looked aight too:)

  9. I once had a guy take pics of my dad and I. HORRIBLE. would have been just the same if I'd held hte camera up high and snapped

  10. that is too funny, you really don't look pregnant congrats to you!


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