Monday, February 15, 2010

Riding the iJoy

Before I go any further I need you to watch this video.  Go on. I'll wait for you.

That's some crazy shit right?  Almost looks like a dirty toy.  Something that your husband would benefit from right?

Nobody would actually buy this shit right?


My hubby went to pick up my Valentine's Day present today.  He had bought it but it couldn't be delivered.


I have no words.  I actually peed myself laughing so hard at the video and my hubby's demonstration.

His explanation was that he knows how much I will want to lose the weight after the baby so he found something he thought I would like.

Even I am lost for words? 


  1. I had to turn the video off when my SD and daughter walked into the room (from hearing me laughing) for fear they would start to ask questions.

    We are gonna need video on this. Seriously....VIDEO.

  2. did he get you the optional strap on vibrator that attaches to it?

  3. Oh my heavens. What can I say?? that is quite a gift.

  4. LOL!! They sell this at a shop near where we live! :)

  5. Holy Cow - that is the funniest thing ever and I cannot believe he bought you one.

  6. Haha! Well you know they do say it's a really good sign if you never lose your ability to surprise one another in a relationship. That taken as true this would probably be a very, very, very good sign, wouldn't it?

  7. DIRTY!!! :) This is the funniest thing I have ever seen...but on another note, why does everything start with "i" ipod, ipad and now ijoy...How about iDonthaveanyofthese..... Love you!

  8. The real question here is, what was his facebook update about the gift?

  9. OMG. The guy riding the iJoy is so wrong. How the woman in the video could deliver her lines with a straight face is beyond me.

    Lindy's right. Video. This demands video. :)

  10. girl! That man of yours! He is a rascal!

  11. Umm.....

    It's the gift that keeps on giving???

  12. That is pretty damn hilarious, and appropriately named... "I Joy!"


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