Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recovering and Catching Yall Up

I do believe I am feeling better! Thanks guys for your healthy wishes!

Ok back to bloggy business. I have so many things to tell you so I'll just squish them in the one long blog because it's mine and I can't do if I want to. :o)


Yesterday I took Lael to the doctors for a few things. She had some pain in her left ear which I thought may be an ear infection and to have her tested for childhood diabetes.

She tends to sweat a lot and is always thirsty so I wanted to be extra careful. Well both tests came up negative. Not diabetes and not ear infection.

Just 1 paranoid mother who is taking advantage of her military medical care. Yeah I said it.

When we had first got to the hospital we walked in and the smell of popcorn took over as opposed to the usual hospital smell. Lael immediately wanted some and we quickly found the old fashioned popcorn machine that was posted in the corner.

There was a line so I asked the lady in front of us how much it was and she advised me the it was donations only. Well that sucked because I only had a $10 so I said we would come back after her appointment and I would get change from the Subway. (Yes there is a Subway and a Dunkin' Doughnuts in the hospital.) The lady said told me they wouldn't be opened much longer and shoved a dollar bill in my hand and pushed me in front of her. I tried to protest but she insisted by saying " Get that girl some popcorn, that's less bags of it I'll eat."

I thanked her and me and Lael ate every bite of it. Isn't it nice to know the Christmas spirit is alive...or at least nice people in the world. Thank you nurse lady, you made Lael's day!


I guess this weekend is the infamous Army vs. Navy Football game. I am not into sports in any way, shape or form so I can't tell you have important games are but this one I know of from being military. Well I'm walking down up and down the halls of the Pentagon (I'll tell you why later) and I start hearing yelling and shouting and I'm thinking....shit, do I need to start running.

No running necessary. What I ran into were a bunch of cute college-aged cheerleaders. Navy cheerleaders to be exact. In their little skirts with face paint and ponytails and pom-poms. They were cheering and shouting and really excited about their "spirit". I move over to the side to see what they are going to do and damn near jumped out of my boots because the next thing I hear are drums! Yes drums! And trumpets and saxophones and all other instruments. The Navy Band was coming up right behind them playing music in the halls while the cheerleaders and their mascot ran around yelling cheers in everyone's faces. I am very upset I didn't have my cell on me but I did find a few pictures on the Internet.

I really felt like I was in High School again except I wasn't in the cheerleading skirt....anyway, I thought that was really cool!


Well the reason I was walking up and down the halls was because I forgot my t-shirt to wear under my uniform. For those that are military ignorant, depending on what service you are you have to wear a certain uniform with certain color socks, certain color boots and certain color shirts underneath. Well mine is supposed to be all black but I took mine home to bring in a fresh one but left in on the banister. Well in the Pentagon we have a uniform store so I went to buy one and they don't carry them anymore. GREAT! Now what. We have a souvenir shop in her and hoped I could find some type of black shirt to get me through the day. I did find one, but it came with a mighty consequence.

What does that say? You Don't Know Me...Federal Witness Protection Program.

So I've had to spend the day holding my shirt down so the white part doesn't stick out.

Guess what I won't forget tomorrow....or ever again?? :o)


Last thing, MckMama is having a bang out give-giveaway. Check out her blog and donate to be put in for the camera that I am hoping I win!!!

Alrighty folks, I think I've got it all out of my least for now. If I'm feeling extra frisky I just may post again tonight....maybe.


  1. Wow what a day....Glad the baby girl is ok and that you are feeling better...popcorn makes everything all good.

  2. Aww, that was so nice of the popcorn lady. Glad you're feeling better.

  3. The shirt is a crack up!

    I'm glad that it doesn't seem to be ultra serious with Lael.

  4. Too funny about your shirt..... did anybody ever catch you??


Those laughing with me...or at me.