Friday, September 12, 2008

Precious Years

So today was a long day. Between work and getting ready for my Matron-of-Honor duties for tomorrows wedding I am extremely exhausted. I am sitting here on La's bed as she asks me "Did you have a good day today...without me?" When did she grow up? When did she get old enough to shower and wash all by herself? When did she learn to shut the water off dry off and completely dress herself without hesitating to ask for my help? Where did all the time go? How is it that she is almost 5 when my scars are still sore from my C-Section? How is it that times seems to be slipping away from me. I am sometimes tempted to separate from the military, move in with my mom and home school her just to get more time with her. My angel cake is all I have. She is my everything, she is the best part of me. I love the way she watches her favorite shows with her mouth wide open. I love her fat toes and stubby fingers. I love how she has gotten into the habit of burying herself with every stuffed doll she can find when it's bedtime. I love how she yells my name and runs in my arms like the few hours we've been apart has been more like years. I love this person more than I could have ever imagined. I could watch her sleep for hours and never get bored. I hate to be away from her and it physically pains me to see her growing up so fast. How much I love my squirt.

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