Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Because it's just baby fat...right?!?

I am convinced that men don't realize how STRONG women are. I mean I know they think it's easy to go through 22 hours of labor just to have the doctors slice you open and snatch a baby out of you. No big deal right. Well we are strong and all us mother know that if it were up to men the world would slowly lose it's population.

Well tonight my so called strength was put to the test. I have been working out for the past month or so with my girlfriends M-F at 8:30pm. I bath and put my daughter to bed and all that is required of my hubby is to sit his happy ass in the house to make sure she stays put.

I get dressed and get ready to leave but so called husband is nowhere to be found. Hmm where could he be. Since he only has 1 friend on base I figure I'd walk outside and look for him.

When I get outside I hear laughing and loud voices coming from his friends backyard. I know that isn't my husband hanging out like I DON'T NEED TO GO TO THE GYM!!!!

I try to be calm and coax him to come home because my girls are waiting for me. This ass that I am married to thinks it's cool to show off in front of his friends and says something smart that I can't recall but the point is it pissed me off.

I threatened to climb the fence if he didn't get his ass home. He then proceeded to challenge me.
Really? You think I can't climb a fence because I'm a girl? Really?!?

Let's just say I got my ass over that fence and all his friends stared at me as if I was crazy. Yeah. Get your ass home because I gotta get to the gym.

I have baby fat to work off. Yes my daughter will be 5 at the end of the month but it's baby fat right? Fat I didn't have before I had the baby. You want to challenge me too....

I think not.

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