Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer Saturdays

Soccer started a few weeks ago for La's team but we've missed the first few practices because of other of those being me to damn tired to get up last Saturday.

Well yesterday I forced myself to get up for the better good. La was a little resistant at first but after we dusted off her shin guards and put on her new soccer cleats (thanks Dusty) she started to get excited.

The forecast called for rain all weekend so we weren't sure if practice would be cancelled. But some how the sun came out right on time and boyyyy was it hot!

La clung to me for a few minutes when we got there but after seeing how much fun it was to be allowed to run in the mud she let her guards down.

She is usually pretty bored with the dribbling and passing drill but when it's time to practice shooting goals my little athlete perks right up!

She had a blast and can't wait for next weeks practice. I'm a little disappointed because the director decided that the 5 year olds were too young for games so they don't have any.

Maybe I'm silly but I think it's important for kids to have friendly competition to learn that they can't always win.

Oh well, next year she'll move up and then it's Game On.

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