Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Months

Oh Kobi,

Didn't I just write your 4mth post?

Would you quit the growing already?

In the past month you've been working on many things.

You are working on sitting up by yourself.

You start to crawl but then roll over and laugh at me.  You're a trickster like that.

You've recently learned how to put your pacifier in your mouth. All.By.Yourself.

You have a new squeal/scream.  I love how if I scream, you repeat after me.

You think everything is funny.  I mean EVERYTHING.

You have finally got the hang of sticking your foot in your mouth.

You love jumping in your Jumperoo.

You like to try to feed yourself, sweet peas, are your favorite.

You love the outdoors.

You are still teething and when you aren't chewing your fingers you like to chew my face.

I am sick today. And any other baby would be acting a fool, but you are a mommas boy, so naturally you are sleeping.

I love you more than the day before.


  1. Oh my - those last two pictures are killing me! Sooooo cute.

  2. That child is just delicious. I love his BIG eyes.

  3. That last beautiful picture...snif...I miss th ose days so very much

    I have ghost infant syndrome...I keep thinking there's a baby in my house..

  4. Wow, Kobi is really, really smiling these days. What a joyful and adorable little one!


Those laughing with me...or at me.