Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Bubby's Room-Phase 1

It's funny how I posted a few days ago that Bubby's room wasn't CLOSE to being ready for him.

There was still a futon, desk and cubby in there, not to mention my brother-in-law's belongings.

I was starting to get panicky because the closer I get to may the less energy I have and once he gets here fixing his room will be the last of my worries.

I've been on my hubby for MONTHS to get the furniture out of the room but you know. 

He's a husband.

And they do things when they are good an ready.  No sooner, no later.

He swore that this week would be the week he made moves.

Monday came and went. Nothing.

Tuesday came and went. Nothing.

Wednesday came and went. Nothing.

Thursday rained and I knew nothing would happen then.

But when I came home yesterday and opened the front door and was greeted by a desk sitting on a rolling cart thingy.

He claimed that he was taking it to the dumpster today but I still had a lot of cleaning out to do in the room

I was pissy because I had gotten everything out of the room and didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

I went upstairs and this is what I saw:

I was so excited I think I teared up a little bit.

Not only did he take everything out of the room but he shampooed the carpet, put the crib together, and put the rocking chair in their and even shampooed that!

I threw the Pooh rug in there just to add a little touch.

I can't believe it's real.  He will be here soon. 

Stay tuned for Phase 2!


  1. That was super sweet of him. :) I love it when my husband surprises me like that.

    Not too long now, K... I'm excited for you!! :)

  2. Cool! Glad everything is FINALLY coming together!

  3. He shampooed the carpet AND the rocker?!?! Wow - I'm impreseed.

  4. awww!! Can't wait to meet this kid? Do you have a boppy? I have a lovely blue/green velour cover that's hardly been used. Or just send me your dang addy so I can get this boy a proper something or another. :)

  5. Shampooed the carpet????? How awesome is that? That would never cross my hubby's mind!

  6. aaah!! How exciting! I want a baby too!! LOL!

    Major props to your hubby for cleaning up!!! :D

  7. I just love it when ou hubbys do things that are so unexpected. It makes you fall in love with them all over again!!

  8. WHAT? He shampooed the carpet? I didn't know men were allowed to do that. Someone's been lying to me...

  9. Just when I've given up on them, bam, they prove me wrong. Okay, not me, lately, but they have in the past every now and again


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