Friday, April 2, 2010


In case you aren't counting along, I have six weeks before my c-section. I'm feeling ready. But we all know how bi-polar my emotions are.

I do believe I have yet ANOTHER cold. So that's all sorts of fun.

Thanks for all the kind words on yesterday's post. I'm just going to give that a break. I'm starting to depress my own blog.

Being pregnant all weekend made me forget that it gets warm in the Spring (like 80 today) and I have nothing but sweatpants and long sleeve shirts that fit me. So that's all sorts of sexy.

My dog that I thought was dying has suddenly returned to her normal self. I think she should still go to the Vet but just like human doctors, my hubby has a phobia.

I was going downtown today to tour some museums and get good shots of the Cherry Blossoms. Sometimes I forget I'm 8 months pregnant. But hubby reminded me because I couldn't even
walk around Wal-Mart with having to lean on the cart. Yeah, so that's out.

I need a pedicure. I think I'll take carr of that today.

Oh, and I love my bloggy friends. I pray you all have a fun-filled blessed weekend with your family. I know I will!

Happy Friday!


  1. Pregnancy colds are the worst! I hope you feel better.

  2. As soon as my big toe heals up from this bruise I have, I am totally getting a pedicure.

  3. Wow, six weeks will pass by fast and I hope so for you sake I bet it will just be madness these last weeks. Time sure passed by fast! I hope it all goes well keep us updated in it all.

  4. It's amazing that the first six weeks of pregnancy go by fast (especially if you don't know yet that you are pregnant) and the last six weeks seem like six more months. I was ready with both my kids to have them OUT at 34 weeks. And most people who saw me thought that I should too. (I was THAT BIG.)
    Good luck to you and hope that your cold is minor and time FLIES!

  5. The cherry blossoms are overrated anyway. :)

    (Don't lie, you know they are.)

  6. Being pregnant when it's

  7. Damn, time does fly. One of the things on my bucket list is to see those cherry blossoms in Springtime. Any possibility you could post a picture?

  8. I can't wait to see you!!! Hope you feel better, love you HUGS!!!

  9. 6 weeks and little bubby will be here for you all to hold and love and it will be all worth it!

  10. Last stretch... last stretch - YOU CAN DOOOOO EEEET!

  11. I hope your weekend was grand. I'm exhausted after being at the Reserves base from 0600 to 1630 both days. Of course, it's my fault for going out both Friday and Saturday nights.

    We're due 5/5. Just waiting to see when it'll happen.


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