Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Question of the Week

So Hubby got me a Blackberry yesterday.  It's not an iPhone, but since I refuse to change phone companies I have to settle for what I can get.

And you know what.  It's pretty damn cool.  It has a touch screen and all the apps I want so I have no complaints.

Hubby's can be totally great sometimes....but there are times they can make you want to plot their deaths with your best friend.

That leads me up to the Question of the Week:

"If you could eliminate one habit your mate has, what would you have them stop doing?"

I had a list but obviously had to narrow it down a bit.

The way he leaves his clothes ALL OVER THE HOUSE, the way he drives like he's playing a video game, the way he thinks he is in control of whatever tv is in the same room as him, the way he steals toliet paper out of my bathroom and I don't realize it until I've taken a poop, the way he takes my clean towel out and I don't realize it until I'm dripping wet out of the shower.....Seriously, I could go on and on.

But the one I pick is when he starts to cook dinner...and then walks away.   Who the hell does that?!

I mean he'll put stuff in the oven and set the timer and just leave.  And guess who had to stop what she's doing to take it out and make adjustments.

I know it seems stupid but it drives me batshit.  Is it that hard to keep your happy ass in the kitchen while you are cooking.

Apparently so.

Your turn.  What habit would you pick?  And be creative! :)


  1. This is easy. I cannot stand how he drops his clothes just inches from the hamper - WHAT! I am serious. He could just as easily place them in the hamper, but no he likes to decorate the floor around the hamper with his dirties.

  2. My husband makes protein shakes and then leaves the blender on the counter ALL DAY LONG so by the time I get home from work, it takes a chisel to get that shit off. How difficult is it to just put the damn blender in the sink and fill it with water?!?!?

  3. Oh... he'd kill me if I knew I told anyone (even complete strangers) this.... but when I go to bed before him and he wakes me up by poking me and saying "Are we gonna doing *anything* tonight?"

    Ummmm... HELLO!?!? I WAS sleeping soundly, so, yeah... ummm, NO. ;)

  4. Oh, like you, I have many to choose from. I think I'll go with...

    Dribbling pee ON the toilet seat and leaving it there.

    Seriously, I'd rather him lift the seat up and leave it up. Needing to put the seat down is much preferable to having to WASH it!

  5. Mine is the way he plays Call of Duty 2 every spare second he gets. I fill my spare time with doing dishes, tidying, taking care of the baby. Him? He sees any spare minute as a chance to be a total bum.

  6. I hate cleaning up after him. He never really had to do chores when he was a kid and he has a bad habit of leaving stuff all over the house, I HATE IT!

  7. nasty habits? Lets see...so many, I dumped him

  8. He farts in his sleep...very loudly. That is all.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  9. Oh, there are so many. So, so many.

    Our laundry room also functions as our mud room and leads out to the garage, aka one of the most used rooms in the house. People are in and out of that room a hundred times a day. We keep our shoes in that room and we ALL put them to the side or in these special shoe boxes that I provided. Hubs? Nope, his whopping sized-13's are in the middle of the freaking door ALL the time. Want to go to the garage? Trip on his shoes. Want to do laundry? Trip on his shoes. Over and over and over.

  10. I love reading everyone's. I have 2: blowing his nose/sniffing hard all the time because of his "sinus issues" (i'm not describing it well...it's annoying) and when he burps he says "Bob-op". Every.single.time. Makes me CRAZY!! Oh and I'd like him to introduce himself to our washer and dryer at some point.


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