Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In No Particular Order

It's only the 10th of March but I have a feeling I won't like this month that much. Let me share a few reasons why.

*Having to wean my 5 year old out of my bed all over again is painful and may cause me to want to drug her to keep her in her bed at night.

*Being so tired from the stupid time change that I try to walk up escalators going in the opposite direction may cause me to get pissed and give people the stank eye when they giggle at me.

*Having my husband call me at work and blame me for Lael missing her bus this morning when he Has.No.Job and nothing else to do might cause my co-workers to leave the cubical.

*Having to reschedule Lael dentist appointment because my work is just that demanding may annoy me just a lil bit.

*Almost missing my shuttle bus and having to full out sprint to catch it and then have so many people get on that it causes us to be late to the Metro and for me to miss my train anyway may make me sweaty, cause my chest to hurt all day and be the reason I got on the wrong escalator.

*Having co-workers that are so lazy if you look up the word lazy in a dictionary it will show a picture of them flipping me the bird may cause me to literally bite my tongue so that I don't say things I will regret.

I hope the next 21 days go by quickly because so far I could have so done without this month. Just sayin'.


  1. My goodness what a day and it is not even 10am yet. Yikes my dear. Do you need a hug? Hang in there you are on a rollercoaster and right now you are in a valley and for Valentines you were at a very tall hill. It will get better. I'm just sayin.

  2. please dont tell me it is hard to get your 5 year old out of your bed. I have an almost 3 year old I cannot get out of my bed and my rationality is, oh she will grow out of it...when she is maybe 5 it will be easy.


  3. im sorry, sounds like you had a bad day??? maybe itll get better??

  4. uh oh again with the stank eye!! What a month!

  5. I hear ya on the getting the kid out of your bed thing. My 3 year old starts off in hers but usually ends up in mine. Which leaves me with a freaking sore back/neck in the morning. Good luck!!

    And the lazy co-workers--that would drive me crazy!!

  6. Good luck.

    The time change is killing me.

    And the snow.

    Can't wait for April.

  7. That sucks. Only a kid could strip the beauty right out of sleeping...

  8. Oh no, I let my daughter sleep in my bed now, but she is only 6 months old. Am I starting something that will be hard to break later! Please say its not so. Sorry you are having such a tough month so far, hopefully it gets better.

  9. Hey! thanks so much for commenting on my blog. i love your blog and your little girl is to die for cute! love it. cant wait to read more, and get to know ya better!

  10. Oh, yeah, I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope it gets better.


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