Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Many Styles She's Rocked

Lael has sported many hairstyles in her short 5 years.

Here she in on Halloween in 2007 when she loved her hair curly.

Here she is at the beginning of the school year when all beads had to match.

This was the first time I ever straightened her hair and it was for a wedding in September.

Ponytail obsession week.

"I need lots of ponytails mom!"

Had to have pigtails for Thanksgiving and many weeks after.

Last Thursday was picture day and I asked her how she wanted her hair. "I want you to do my hair with the Hot Glue Gun!" she said. What? "Remember in Auntie Shay's wedding?" Then it hit me she wanted me to straighten her hair with my flat irons.

It only took me 30 minutes but it was so worth it:

I can't believe she is 5 already. I can't bare to think of how much faster time will fly. It pains me beyond words.

Isn't she precious? Well I think so.


  1. she is precious!! is she five already? i hope you win the book too!! ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ALL THREE SHARE THE SAME NAME!!! :)

  2. Yes she is adorable!


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