Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stolen! His Manhood and My Paycheck

This is Suki. He is 2of3 dogs that we have. I don't talk about my dogs much because Lael is selfish and takes up most of my time.

Hubby is usually the one to feed and care for the pups although I am the one to usually groom them and do all the doctor visits.

Suki is a 7 year old, 7lb, trouble-making, Pomeranian. Let me tell you the story of my little Suk-Suk.

Back in 2002 I worked shift work on another AF base. I worked with this sweet girl who had recently lost her father to Cancer. To keep her mother company she got her little Suki. Soon after she found out her mother had Cancer as well and she passed away quickly. This sweet girl who lost both parents to Cancer within a year decided she couldn't care for the puppy and decided to give him to me. Just like that.

I have always been grateful to her because he has been a blessing to our family. Suki is a friendly dog that never bites, growls and barely barks. He is always ready to play and constantly getting into things he shouldn't but overall a good dog.

3 weeks ago hubby noticed there was a lump on the bottom of Suki in his groin area. He noticed that he constantly wanted to use the bathroom to poo but not much was coming out. I know gross.

He thought that maybe he was constipated so got so wet dog food to help him pass it. It didn't work and Suki slowly became quieter and didn't want to move much. We were afraid the lump was becoming painful for him.

Between Monday and Wednesday of last week the lump when from the size of a golf ball to the size of a melon and we got scared. We took him to the Vet on Saturday morning and after X-rays and tests they were unsure of what it was. Guesses were a hemorrhoid or a problem with his bladder but they just weren't sure. We paid our $130 even though we got no answers.

We decided to drive around because we knew of a few other Animal Clinics in the area. We tried one and it was closed. We tried the next and they were closing. My husband told them our story and the Vet that was there took pity and asked us to bring Suki inside.

He took the X-rays from me and whisked Suki right into a room. He poked prodded and drained some fluid from the area to reduce the pressure and told us that it was a Tumor and that he would have to Emergency Surgery on Monday. He left, told us to schedule at the desk and didn't charge us a thing!

Hubby took Suki in yesterday morning and we went to pick him up after I got off of work. They had cleaned his teeth, pulled his loose teeth, and even clipped all of his nails for us....for FREE! Suki was awake but in pain when they gave him to us so they gave him pain medicine and some to take home and antibiotics....for free!

They had taken his testicle and said that they couldn't find the other but it may be in the tumor. We have to wait to hear if it is or if it's cancer. Lord I hope not.

The surgery and all did come up to a little over 500 but they said we could write post dated checks if needed. How sweet!

After getting my pup home yesterday, I could tell he was still out of it. He kept trying to force himself to stay away but kept falling over.

He would stare at me.....

Then one eye would close and he would lean to the side......

Then he would collapse and fall back asleep.

He did that about 4 or 5 times before he gave up and stayed sleep for good. Poor guy!
So lucky enough we bred him 5 years ago so he has a son because his days of producing are over!


  1. Aww, poor Suki...doesn't it feel good, though, to know that there are still people out there with real hearts, even in these trying times?
    Feel better soon, Suki!

  2. Awww poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon and that all the tests come back negative.

  3. Oh, what a poor little thing! But what a nice vet to take such good care of him! I hope he recovers well.

  4. Oh my, a little drunkard! Poor guy, only one eye...and thump, back to sleep. He'll be up and about in no time!


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