Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Good and The Bad

Is it just me or has this been the longest week ever? *sigh* Ok. Here are a few things floating around in my little ol' brain.

  • Good News: Lael was feeling much better today and finally got back to school.
  • Bad News: Lael was feeling better today which means she's back to her normal self.
  • Good News: Lael's fever hasn't been back and her eyes are clear of drainage.
  • Bad News: I have a fever and my throat feels like it's swollen shut.
  • Good News: Lael is going on a class trip to the White House tomorrow.
  • Bad News: I was supposed to chaperon said trip but can't because of a work obligation. :o(
  • Good News: Tomorrow is Friday and my weekend can begin.
  • Bad News: I may spend my entire weekend in the bed sick....
  • Good News: Tonight was the last cheerleading practice and I'm very relieved.
  • Bad News: Tee Ball will be taking it's place in a few weeks.

Apparently my life does have some balance. Even if it's the kind of balance I don't want.

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  1. Oh yes, gotta love those good and bad to offset each other. How are you feeling today? It always is a wonder to me after I get sick how miserable the kids must have felt and they press on. Hang in there only a few more days.


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