Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Post Not About Lael But Kinda Gross *UPDATED*

I went to the doctors and they do belive I have th worm of the ring. Or ring worm. Or cooties. Whatever. Good news is the Jock Itch Cream they gave me is making it fade away. I have all the luck.

Original Post:

I have a problem.

There is this thing on my arm.

It started off as an itchy bump last week.

It quickly spread to this blistery, burn looking circle.

I tried jock itch (don't ask)cream but that made it itch more.

I tried Aveeno cortisone cream. I makes the itch go away but yet it still grows.

Here are the diagnosis I have gotten from friends and family:

a. Spiders hatching eggs under my skin

b. Spider Bite

c. Ring Worms

d. Fungus

e. A burn that I somehow don't remember getting

f. My imagination

It's been like a week and the shit's driving me nuts. I guess I'll break down and go to the doctors this morning.

Just out of on what you think it may be. Below is a picture. Hope it doesn't gross you out.

The End.


  1. My diagnosis~~just a funky bump :)!!! I'm still laughing at the jock itch cream~~. Please get rid of it before Friday. Love ya!

  2. looks a lot like ringworm to me!

  3. if it feels bigger underneath than it looks on top and it hurts...its staph...go to the doctor!! Staph can get in even in a lil mosquito have it checked.

  4. Hhhhmmm, I'm not sure, but for your sake, I hope to God that it is not spiders hatching eggs under your skin! I've got the heebie-jeebies now! Hope it goes away, keep us updated...

  5. It looks kind of like eczema from the picture, but hard to say. If you've never had anything like that before and it doesn't go away, I'd check with the doctor!

  6. lol, it looks like a plateau! Please tell me it's not spider eggs, I would die! I'm goin with Staci and say it's staph even though I know nothing about it! Good luck girl!

  7. Wow...I'm still stuck on spiders hatching eggs where they should not. Not that I've ever seen that before. Please update when you go to the doctor and find out what on earth your breeding under your skin. Hurry up and make an appointment!

  8. No clue...but I'm with you....ick! Best of luck!!!


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