Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 More or Less

Lael has really perfected her homework skillz.

Because they have reached the 100th day of school, this week is focused around the number 100. She has a project due on Monday where she has to gather 100 of something and put it on a poster board. She decided that she wanted to do plastic soda tops. Cool. Except we don't buy soda. Ok. Well my co-workers do so they've managed to hook me up with 40-50 tops and my friends are helping me get the rest. Thanks guys!

Anyway, so Monday she had to write about something she likes so much she wants 100 of them.

"I want 100 dollars to buy lots of littlest pet shop"

What kind of child am I raising that is only concerned about money and Littlest Pet Shop toys?

Last night's homework she had to think of something she would never want 100 of.

"I don't like 100 crabs."

Why crabs? She has never been around a crab. Her type of crab looks pretty friendly.

If it were me I would ask for an extra 100 weekdays off of work per year and I would not want 100 arguments with the husband. I'm just sayin, if it were my assignment.

What about yall? What's 100 things you would and wouldn't want?


  1. Well Riley did not want 100 dogs and really wanted 100 windows. Funny what they come up with. I'd say 100 paychecks for what I want and get rid of 100 loads of laundry. Does that work? Maybe I should just hire a maid. HAHAHA, have a great day.

  2. Hmmm....that's a tough question, though I must say not having 100 loads of laundry would be heavenly!


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