Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Letter To My Daughter (My Sweet Valentine)

Dear Lael,

Spending time with you reminds me that life can be so busy I forget to appreciate the small things.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. For the past 5 years you have been my favorite Valentine EVER!

The night before you wanted your hair braided and even though I was tired from work, I stayed up extra late to braid it and put in your favorite pink beads.

While doing your hair, you took a break and decided to pick out what you wanted to wear for our big day out. You picked closely matching shirts, because at this age you things it's cool to dress like your mom. (I'm sure that will change soon...real real soon.)

Our V-Day started off with me taking you to Gymnastics and watching you perfect your back roll and cartwheel. I love how after each try you look over at me for approval. I never miss a beat with a thumbs up or a silent clap of my hands.

Next we went off to get my hair done. I gave you the option of staying home with your dad, but you insisted on going with me because "We're supposed to be together all day mom!" Yes baby we are.

After my hair appointment, while coming through the gate on base, you screamed out "Happy Valentine's Day!" to the guard and was sad I didn't stop for you to give him some homemade cards you had stashed in the car. We got home to change and you made sure we put on our coordinated shirts and even the same color shoes. You explained how people would think we are the same person. There is still so much innocence left in you.

We headed to the train station and you decided that you were big enough to swipe the card without my help and charged ahead making sure that I was right behind you. You got on the train and chose the perfect seats for the both of us. You were quiet for the whole ride because you like to look out the windows and watch everything fly past us.

We got to the mall and she insisted on a Manicure and Pedicure just like mom. Even when they said you were too young, you insisted on soaking your feet in the tub. They knew better than to argue. You smiled the entire time and you made everyone else around you smile. There were a group of college girls in the nail spa and when they left they promised that you had the coolest nails and they were going get the same colors the next time they came. I believe they will keep that promise.

After our pampering we went of to eat Mexican because you insisted on rice and beans for lunch. I purchased a soft chicken taco platter with the intentions on us sharing. I must have forgotten how your appetite has increased because you ate all the rice and beans but did offer me a spoonful her and there. I had to purchase another so that I would die of hunger.

After filling your belly we got back on the train and headed downtown. I had tickets for Disneyland on Ice and you couldn't believe I had done so many cool things for you in one day. You ate your icee and cotton candy and watched the show with your mouth hanging open. I spend most of the show watching you watch it.

On the way home when coming back through the gate you were barely keeping your eyes awake. When I stopped to show my id card to the guard you popped your head up and insisted I give the guard your card that you had from earlier. I handed it to him and he couldn't stop smiling. You yelled "Happy Valentine's Day!" to him and I think you probably had made his day. You are sweet like that. I hope you stay that way forever.

I can't believe how fast you have grown. I can't believe the amount of love I have for such a little person.

I am blessed to be in your life. I am blessed to be your mommy. I am blessed to be your Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day my love.


  1. Too sweet! I am glad ya'll had such a fun day~! Treasure each moment :).

  2. What a wonderful day with your valentine! I love that she wanted you to match. My oldest is finally over that stage...kinda sad. :)

  3. Oh super sweet!!! Glad yall had a great day together. SOunds super fun.

  4. Oh my goodness this was so sweet! So glad you two enjoyed your day together, I can't wait until my baby is old enough to enjoy a day with me.

  5. What a FUN Valentine's date! I can't wait to do all those things with my daughter. :) The pictures were precious, thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Hope your test went well!


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