Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheers, Wreaths and Magazines

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Thursday. This weekend was full again. I have been so busy lately and can't wait for a weekend I don't have filled with....stuff.

Ok so Friday I left work early so that I could get Lael and the other girls I coach ready for the Youth Sports Opening Ceremony.

All the basketball players and cheerleaders were introduced as well as the coaches. They ran a lap around the gym and all the adults cheered and clapped for them.

Extra cute!

Later that night I went to a Tastefully Simple party and then moved on to a wine tasting party. The details are a little fuzzy. Ahem.

Moving on!

Saturday evening Lael went with my mom and I went over a girlfriends house and me and my girls made fabric wreaths. It was so much fun! We made some for Valentine's Day and some for St. Patricks Day. We were up really late drinking Starbucks (Spiced Apple Juicy thingy for me, I hate coffee) and listening to 80's and 90's music.

I love girl time. We end up having so much fun!

And for my last bit of news. I heard of a really cool family from MckMama and went to their blog.

They have this publication and I’m a part of it. It's called Serious.Life Magazine. They just published the February issue today, and I am in their Featured Blog Directory. It’s a very high quality magazine… you’ll really like it.

The magazine includes a lot of great content from bloggers you’ll appreciate, as well as great features, photos and other content. The magazine is owned and published by a family who have seven kids, three adopted and one who has Leukemia ( The magazine gives away a bunch of ads to charities and ministries. Besides great articles on interesting people, there is a lot about family, adoption, personal finance, spiritual life, humor… all sorts of “life” topics.

Again, the subscription is free, and I know you’ll enjoy the magazine, so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.


  1. WOW, this is so cool. You've got so much going on. I've missed you (I'm waaaay behind) So much fun to catch up and see all your happenings. :)

  2. Those wreaths are adorable!

    I'm gonna have to check out the magazine...sounds really cool.


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