Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well hello! I took a week off but now I'm back to join in MckMama's blog carnival. You should too.

Oh the things I didn't do this and last week.

I did not forget my uniform in the Pentagon and have to call a co-worker on Saturday morning to unlock our office so I could get it for a ceremony. If I did, I so owe that somebody lunch.

I did not spend 3 days shut in my room to study for my big test and then when I finally tested I felt like I hadn't studied one bit. Wow, that sucked.

I did not completely ignore a birthday party and a Girl Scout event that I had RSVP'd for because I didn't want to leave the house and instead spend the morning on my Wii Fit. Nope not me.

I did not go out to eat with friends and completely overeat. I am not greedy like that!

I did not call my husband mean names because he bought ME the Wii Fit and has spent more time on it than me.

I did not just call my husband from work to find out he is currently on my Wii Fit AGAIN! Uggghh!!

I did not laugh this morning when this rude guy bumped into 4 or 5 people including myself and when we looked back at him he yelled out "Asshole!" to us. Sometimes you just have to laugh at people.

That's all I got for now! Happy Monday!!


  1. When do you find out your test results? I hope you did great, despite feeling like you didn't...

  2. Great Not Me's! I had to laugh out loud at your last one...

    You have a beautiful little girl!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. And thank you for your service to our country. I'm sure it seems thankless most of the time, but YOU ARE APPRECIATED by our family every day! (My hubby is a former Marine.)

  3. Get him off the Wii fit and I just have to laugh at ridiculous people that shout things at me when it isn't even my fault. WTH??? That is funny!!! Good to have you back.


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