Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Me Funnies

Sometimes the wackiest things happen to me.

Me and Lael have a ritual of brushing our teeth together and rinsing with fluoride every morning before I leave. This morning she was a little ahead of me and as I was bent over spitting she was swishing fluoride around her little mouth. She must have gotten a little itch in her throat because the next thing I know she coughs and I have an ear full of bubblegum flavored fluoride. I was able to wipe off the side of my face but my ear was a little off all day.


Sometimes I forget that the grandparents want to see Lael's report card. After being smacked around about not giving them a copy I decided to take it to work with me to scan it. I scanned it yesterday and saved it to my desktop but hadn't gotten around to sending it. I took it off the scanner, stapled it and put it aside.

Well today I had to do actual work related scanning and email a form to another office. I proceeded to scan the form and and then once it saved to my desktop I emailed it to the other office. Now, I need to explain that I do this just about everyday. I've never had any problems before. That is until today.

I had forgot to send a copy to my coworker so I grabbed the form off my desktop and send it to her as well. I talk about Lael to this coworker all the time and constantly send her pictures. Anyway, a few minutes after I sent her the email she intercoms me.


"She's doing so well?"


"Lael she doing really good in her reading."

"What are you talking about?"

"Lael's report card that you just sent me with the other form...."

"What!? I didn't send you her report card just the form."

"No, it was all one big file, the report card was the first 4 pages and the form was behind it."

Oh the embarrassment. I didn't mind her having Lael's report card, I probably would have shown her anyway. What did have me blushing was the fact (and I checked my sent items) that I had indeed send my child's report card to another office. Not even a personal email address but an email address that the entire office could check.

I tried to recall it but it was too late. I called, but the guy there that I knew there didn't answer. Oh the shame. A few minutes later he returned my call.

"Hey..uh, did you check the inbox."

"Yeah, Lael has made some significant improvement since the beginning of the year."


"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I don't know how the files got mixed together!"

"Oh, it's fine! I thought it was hilarious!"

Well I'm glad someone saw the humor in the situation! Oh the things I get myself into.


  1. WOW!!! I bet you get a talk about this one!!!! HAHAHAHA, that is really funny. You never cease to amaze me. Love it. So funny. Well, I bet the G-parents are really mad now, getting showed after the office. Big Dis, HAHAHHAHAHAHA. I almost can't sit up straight. OH BOY!!

  2. Hey! At least she had good grades!

  3. Hi there! Thank you for your compliments! I love your blog :)

    Check back in a few... I'm uploading some new Etsy stuff


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