Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anyone Can Brighten Your Day...Even Strangers

Last night was rough. Lael has a stank cold. Not bad enough to be paired with a fever and keep her home from school, but nasty enough to keep her from getting a good nights rest.

-Up a million times (ok maybe 3) in the middle of the night.

-In my bed for comfort.

-Humidifier pumped up to melt my skin off help my baby breath.

-Numerous cups of cold water.

6:30 came too fast. Add that with being out of work for a week and having to deal with work nobody would do while I was out and you have one annoyed person.

I had missed reading (a program where I read to a child once a week) program 3 weeks in a row and was determined not to disappoint my mentor (is that correct???).

I could just about cry because I forgot my gloves and scarf to go with my uniform and so I practically froze to death on the Metro because apparently the economy has forced them to say to hell with turning on the heat.

While making heat with my thighs rubbing walking to the Metro exit this older man starts to approach me. My mama taught me not to speak to stranger, at least ones that look strange.

However, something made me stop as this man reached is hand with a white leather glove on it.

I originally thought he would ask for money or directions or tell me I'm pretty (ok, not that one) or something like that.

He surprised me thought. What he said to me made my heart melt, while I had heard it before he seemed sincere and I think he's the first person to ever really make me PROUD of what I do.

He said: "Young lady, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for what you do. Serving your country and protecting us is deserving of thanks and we don't do it enough, I don't do it enough. So thank you . For all that you do."

I gave him the biggest smile and thanked him and told him that he had made my day. While sometimes I think of my job as no different than any other, the truth is that, it is. I have been to war and could be sent back at anytime.

While I still don't feel like I "protect" my country and it's people, I do feel that the work I do helps to make our country a better one that will remain free.

Thanks strange man for stopping me. Thanks for helping me remember. Thanks for making my day.


  1. What a heart-warming story! And I too will second his thoughts--thank you!!

  2. thats wonderful!! you should be thanked!! so thank you!!

  3. What a great surprise and how wonderful you must have felt. I have to say, you should be thanked more often. :)

    OK, so don't tease me with the GS cookies. I joke with my husband that if I ever had the endless supply in my garage, he would come home and find me covered in thin mints, peanut butter patties and carmel delights...AND I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS!!!


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