Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not hit myself in the head while trying to do weigh training and watch Lost at the same time. I am surely capable of multi-tasking.

I did not spill almost my whole cup of hot chocolate on the passenger seat car and when it dripped to the floor of the back seat use my husbands sweatshirt to wipe it up. Nope, you can't prove it.

I did not run 3 miles on the treadmill and pretend Jillian from Biggest Loser was yelling at me so that I wouldn't quit. I am not weird and I DO NOT hallucinate while working out.

I did not drink too many glasses of wine this weekend. I know my limits and would never get drunk around friends and co-workers. Nope.

I did not do a little giggy dance when I went to the mall and bought a new Nike + kit. I am not excited about being able to track the miles I run.

I did not feel like a part of me was missing while my mom had Lael for uh....29 hours. Yeah, I counted..or didn't.

I did not run to get in front of people in line today in Children's Place because there were that many people there. I am more mature that that.

I did not get stared down by my friends dog when I was at his house for Super Bowl party. Seriously, he was really in my face while I was sitting on the floor.

I did not cry like I had lost my own child when I found out Tuesday passed away. Please continue to pray for this precious family.


  1. Happy Monday. Mine are up too....

  2. great not me monday. 29 hours is a long time.

    I was also wondering if you would like to take part in tribute tuesday a blgo on my page it is a chance to pay tribute to some one who lights up your life. it has a mr linky so the world can see your tribute to a wonderful person.

  3. Great list! Keep upi the workouts... and do one for me! he he

    God bless-

  4. OMG that is so funny! I pray during my work outs when I hit that wall...."Lord, please don't let me die on this stupid elliptical" "Lord, if you could just make me SKINNY I wouldn't have to do this stuff..." "Lord," LOL

  5. I would NEVER cut people off while in line at Children's Place either.

  6. I was not at Childrens Place twice this week, cashing in on some serious deals. I am so not thinking about going back sometime this week.

  7. Did I see you in line at Childrens' Place? I was NOT the one trying to be the first one inside...I LOVE that store!!!

  8. Let me know how you like the nike + kit. I have one, but didn't really like it, as I didn't think it was very accurate. Maybe I calibrated it wrong though?!

  9. I love Jillian! And she can inspire even if she's invisible, pretend Jillian! (Less scarey if she's not standing right in front of you too, I'm sure!)

    Enjoyed your Not Me's!

  10. Awesome post! The Jillian thing is a great idea...I am going to try that!

    Thanks for coming by today....come back soon!

  11. Ha! I don't pretend to have Jillian yell at me, although that might help me some if I did! But I DO watch the biggest loser, just too keep myself running on the treadmill.

  12. How else could you possibly be successful in convincing yourself to "keep going" if you don't imagine that someone crazy like Jillian is yelling at you while you are working out? Honestly, it is a bond that unites us all.

    Devasting news about Tuesday. Wonderful of you to pay tribute to her in your posts.



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