Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Santa Forgot To Bring

It's amazing the things kids talk about. As much as we may avoid certain toys and fads somehow they manage to sneak their way into the hearts of our children.

My friends daughter got an American Girl doll for her birthday and when she went of a summer vacation she got to go to the American Girl Doll Store in NY. Great for her!
I didn't think much of it and Lael thought it was funny how she took her doll everywhere with her. I thought nothing else of it.

Then Christmas came. Guess what Lael's sister D got for Christmas from her mom? Yeah. She got one too. Guess where her mom and aunt took her for her birthday? Yup. New York to get clothes and things for her doll.

Guess who has been in tears everytime D and their friend gets together with their American Girl doll and only discuss American Girl doll things that Lael couldn't possibly know about since she. doesn't. have. one.

Yeah, I told her it was too expensive and it was for older girls. She didn't buy that excuse. I tried to hype up her Cabbage Patch baby doll but she wasn't fooled. The weekend before last D was with us and their friend came over for a sleepover. The older girls ran off with their dolls and did hair and spoke in American Girl Doll language and Lael practically melted from all the tears that came out.

I felt horrible. My husband felt horrible. We didn't know what to do. We talked about it and decided that we would not get a "big" item for ourselves with income tax, but instead make our baby a happy baby. Guess what came via UPS last night?

And she lived happily ever after. At least until she realized that now she has a doll and requested me to take her to New York City.

I guess we'll be eating Ramen noodles to save up for that trip.


  1. You are such a good mommy!! Her face when she saw what was in the box was PRICELESS!! (0:

  2. You are a great mom. Can't wait to see pictures from your NYC trip, hee hee! My girls have never been into the American Girl dolls, for which I've been fairly grateful.

  3. oh those pics......so so worth it!

  4. Oh my goodness what sweet pictures!!!

  5. we love you little lael. Such a cutie!! Slow down Courtney is 8. she still has a few years. Have fun, we loved it.

  6. She'll always remember it. Isn't that the best!?!

  7. Oh so exciting! Her little face was priceless!

  8. AWWWW, welcome to the club!!! Both of my girls have a AG and they LOVE them. I fought them getting one for a while but, I have to admit they have played with them and loved them enough to make it all worth it. BTW, the AG store is a whole "experience"...words can't describe it...like Disneyland but, with dolls.


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