Monday, October 27, 2008

Beef and Bubbles

UPDATE: I mistakingly put that Lael birthday was today but it's Wednesday which is today's know what I mean...the 29th! ;o)

Sometimes when you are so angry you just have to laugh. Working here in the Pentagon is a different kind of experience. There is a CVS, a cleaners, jewelry store and more. In addition to that there are plenty of eating places. Subway, McDonald's, KFC, Panda Express and more. Well today my stomach gravitated me to Panda to get some of their yummy Beijing Beef. I try not to get a platter because my greediness will force me to eat every. last. piece.

So in an effort to avoid stomach aching I get Panda Bowls. I asked the lady for a bowl with fried rice and picked my entree of Beijing Beef. Now, we all know how chinchy they can be at restaurants so of course I wasn't surprised when she stuffed the bowl with rice and gave me about half a scoop of beefy goodness. Well damn, that's not fair. She was quick to push my bowl down to the lady who bags it up but I was determined to get my fair share of cow.

I stopped the lady and made the mistake of asking for a little bit more chicken. "This is not Chicken!" she yelled at me. "Chicken/Beef whatever, can I have a little more please" I asked.

She then proceeded to breath hard, give me the stank eye (because I was messing up the flow) and took the top off my bowl. I watched her scoop another spoonful of the beef mix and just when she was about to drop it in my bowl, she decided that it was too much and shook it out. All of it, except one piece of beef. No more, no less. Just one. No onions or peppers just the one piece.

She then put the top back on and gave me the "I dare you to say something" look. Me and my coworker couldn't stop laughing. I didn't know what else to do. I was so pissed but I wasn't going to fight the lady. I made sure when I paid for my food I grabbed a few extra fortune cookies because it made me feel better.

I will not tell you about how I got full before I finished all of my bowl. I ate all of my rice but guess how much beef I left in the bowl??? One piece. Yup. I think it was evil. Or maybe the ladies at Panda Express know how much a single serving should be. Either way I won't challenge them again.

In other news, I am plotting ways I can steal this bubble wrap from work. Think of the things I could do with it! Fun Fun Fun.

Wednesday is Lael's 5th birthday. Yup. I'm officially getting old, cause it's all about me right?


  1. what a nut!!! Sometimes you are just a big ole kid like our munchkins. Gotta love the Panda bowl. It was nice to see you last night. Thank you for watching the kids. Ryan was actually sweet for a change.

  2. I hate when they skimp on the good stuff! And 1/2 a scoop can't possibly be one serving, anyway.

    Happy Birthday to Lael today! Hope you get lots of Children's Place gift cards. ;)

  3. They're REALLY wrong at Panda--filling you up with rice and that's it.

    Um, the bubble wrap, though? LOL!!!


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