Sunday, October 26, 2008

Musicals and Cats

So this weekend was nice and quiet for the most part. I feel bad for my Pedometer because I completely ignored the Step Challenge because being curled up in my room with Eclipse was much more important than burning calories.

I did however, venture out enough to take my darling to see High School Musical 3: Senior Year on Saturday afternoon. Yeah, I know she's barely 5 but she is obsessed. The movie was rated G and the first two were pretty harmless with a bunch of singing and dancing so I saw no harm in taking her. She was really excited and even dressed herself in her "Troy and Gabriella" shirt which was fitting for the occasion. I thought the movie was cute. A little corny how they broke out into song at the weirdest points. I thought the other two movies did a better job with that transition. I giggled out loud every time they broke out into song and La would say "What...what mommy?" I would just shake my head and tell her how much I loved this movie and she would nod in agreement but clearly annoyed I interrupted her concentration.

I think the only things that were weird to me was how when Troy and Gabriella danced she had on this little dress and I didn't really like that you were exposed to too much skin than we should have been but I'm sure only my critical eye caught that. The other was the "kiss" between Troy and Gabriella, it pretty much grossed out all the kids (mine included) and they "eewwwed" and giggled. I thought they could have left that out but no harm done. Overall I was pleased and so was she and she's already talking about going to see it again. Really? Anyone wanna take her?

Sunday was a veg out day. I caught up on my Edward and Bella lovin' and let La play and eat junk until she couldn't take it anymore. I know, I'm such a great mom. At one point she was came in my room and crawled on my futon next to me with a cupcake. I gave her the stank eye because she was clearly playing me knowing that I was too distracted with my reading to yell at her not to bring food upstairs. I let it slide but then she started getting crumbs all over the place.

I said:

"La, can you please pay attention to what you're doing, Princess (our dog) will get sick if you leave too much chocolate laying around."

She looked at me, and we stared at each other for what had to have been a full minute. I then raised my eyebrows waiting for her to acknowledge that she heard me and then she finally opened her mouth and said:


I can't make this stuff up. Of course I fell out into a fit of laughter with her. I cleaned up the crumbs and we were both happy. Me and my kitty.

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  1. I am laughing out loud at that "meow"....too funny!!


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