Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They Keep Comin'

Well, well, well....Guess who is still getting birthday presents in the mail? Not sure? Me!

So my BF who is stationed in Korea right now sent me a cutie pahtootie coin bag that looks similar to this:

Thank Erin. You sure know how to treat a girl! She also included a few pictures of my adorable nephews.

In addition to that I also got a package from my mom. She works part-time in the store called Brighton Collectibles. They have many beautiful things and this is the first of my soon to come pieces. I really wanted this bracelet and guess what? I got it.

Yeay me. It turned out to be a really great week and now I can look forward to planning (with my friend) La's 5th birthday party coming up soon.


Here is what you would have heard last night at my house.

"Mama, is it my birthday tomorrow?"

"No baby, in 15 more days"


5 minutes later.

"Mama, is it my birthday when I wake up"

"No baby, in 15 more days"

"Oh, ok mama"

Apparently tomorrow and when she wakes up are not the same thing. Silly me. I have a lot to learn and in the meantime I will be using Beth's idea of a chain link calendar for my counting challenged preschooler.

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