Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mani Pedi Kindergarten Style

It's been about 5 days in a row that Little Lady had been begging me to polish her fingers and toes.

Me being the no-good-why-bother mother I am have been putting her off for, um...5 days in a row.

Today ended up being one of those, if-anything-else-goes-wrong-I'm-going-to-cry days at work so I decided that we would head to the food court on base and I got Subway and she got a slice of cheese pizza.

After getting home I decided to get her in the bath early so I could do her hair and just chill before bedtime. Well after her bath, she went straight for the polish that has been sitting on my desk for the past 5 day. I finally gave in and told her to come and sit so I could make her all shiny and pretty.

Nope. She wasn't having it. Apparently her friend Courtney, who is 8, get to polish her nails ALL BY HERSELF, so of course she's almost 5 which makes her the all knowing and queen of doing things like a "big girl".

My throat closed and I began to sweat at the flashes of nail polish that would end up on my carpet. But then I remembered the post by Lara about things she does good as a mom and letting her kids be creative and not worrying so much about the mess.

So I let it happen. She was so proud of herself and in turn it made me cry. Not because I was sad but because she is growing so fast and I can't seem to keep up.

While I think she polished more skin than nail, I consider it a mission complete.

I love you La La and tomorrow it's mom's turn. Yup. I'm gonna let her give me the Preschool Spa Treatment.


  1. YEA, way to go Lael. It is so amazing to see them grow up. How cute, good job Mom.

  2. That is too are a BRAVE woman for giving her free reign with the nail polish!!! :)

    BTW- I hope you got more "traffic" over here...i tried to give you a couple "shot-outs" (i really hate that phrase) to get people over to you!!! :)

  3. Awww...good for you! She did a great job, and you did, too! Can't wait to see the job she does on you! I'm just thankful polish comes off the skin pretty quickly, or I don't know how often I'd let my girls paint my nails, LOL!

  4. You are way nicer than I am ....I get stressed out just doing E's fingernails and toes....smudges drive me crazy :) Maybe I will take a lesson from you!

  5. I love it! What an inspiring post! And I mean that. We all do need to learn to relax a bit sometimes -- and watch the magic that is in our kids!
    She's so stinkin' cute!


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