Friday, October 24, 2008

She Keeps Me Laughing

La's watching i Carly when one of the characters starts screaming and jumping up and down.

She then yells out: "Oh my gosh, that girl is freakin'!"

When I asked her what that meant, she says "That means she excited because she got money."

Thanks for clearing that up baby.

She then decides it was time for math class. She hold up two fingers but this it what she asks:

"Mom guess what's 2 plus 1.........2!" No baby, but good guess.

So after that a new episode of i Carly comes on and I know she loves to sing it so I decided to catch it. Look how she starts dancing! Too funny. Of course towards the end she catches on to me and gets goofy but it made me laugh till my sides ached.

Thanks for keeping mommy laughing girlfriend!

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  1. Go to my blog and see what I "gave you" over there!! he-he :)


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