Saturday, October 11, 2008


Heather of the EO put out a request for us mothers to list things that we are doing well.

While it's easy enough for me to talk about how much I do wrong as a mom, when asked to talk on the positive side, I feel a bit more challenged. Here my list:

1. I watch TV shows with La and actually enjoy them.

2. I never, ever put her to bed without a hug, kiss, and telling her I love her.

3. I take her to the park even when I am absolutely dredding the bad ass kids that will be there.

4. I save my leave days so that I can take off and chaperone field trips.

5. I make it a point to encourage her to love herself the way she is no matter if she's darker than the other kids or her hair is short and curly while theirs are straight and long.

6. I sneak away at times to give her special time with her daddy.

7. I go out of my way to let her play with my friends children so she doesn't get bored as an only child.

8. I try to let her speak to her grandmothers almost everyday so that she can have a bond with them.

9. I dedicate most of my time on the weekends to her because the weekdays can be hectic at times.
10. I sleep in the bed with her and stay on the couch with her all day when she isn't feeling well. And with that sickness I will also drive to the store and buy whatever food or drink that will make her eyes sparkle.

Oh how I wish I could take her sickness away....


  1. beautiful list! I just made mine, but it won't post till Tuesday because I have to post about dd's birthday tomorrow!

    I hope your dd feels better soon. No fun.

  2. Thank you for doing this! I hope it reminded you that you're a great mom. I love that you sleep with her and stay on the couch with her when she's sick.



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