Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumkins and Presents

I think I just now thawed off after being in the FREEZING cold today. I decided to take off of work and chaperon La's field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Last year we had a blast with hay slides, hay rides, rope swings and more! I couldn't wait to go again, you know cuz apparently I'm never going to grow up.
Anywhoo, so I knew we were going to try a different place than last year but still my expectation were still high. Nothing seemed to go right as the day started. With La's birthday being today, I try to take some type of goodies to the class so we can celebrate with her friends. I, of course, didn't buy the cookies last night so I had to get up this morning, walk La to the bus stop, run to the grocery store, buy cookies, bake them and pack them up and get on the Metro and to her school all before 9am. I got there a few minutes after 9 but by then the cookies were destroyed and the small fact that today has to be the coldest day we've had yet. The weather here in DC is really tricky. We can go from 80 degrees one week to 40 the next.

Well with the wind factor and the fact that the land (oh yeah I was NOT a pumpkin patch) had no trees nearby to block the wind it felt like 30 degrees. I was practically near tears. At one point one of the teachers came to check on me because I looked so miserable. The things we do for our kids. While I thought it was too cold for the babies to be out there, not too many of them complained. I guess it's just me.....

Here's Lael with her best friend Charlotte before we ventured into the wind.

When we got off the ride, La insisted on the biggest pumpkin, but of course she couldn't lift it, but it was funny to watch.

The final selection!

After lunch in the barn, she yelled for me to help her. Apparently she had fell and couldn't get up!

After school, our second family presented La with a birthday card and a few presents! Thanks Haskins, we love you guys.

Lael and Riley share a birthday hug, happy 5th guys!

Mommy and Daddy give the baby just watch she wants (yes she is still a baby...hush!)

Birthday Swiss Roll, cuz we're ghetto like that!

And to end the night, my other girlfriend baked cupcakes for La. I know, I know, she's spoiled. Good thing she's mine and you don't have to deal with it! :o)


  1. SUPER FUN!!! Can I go? LOL, Happy Birthday little Lael. Looks like she had a great day. HUMMMM, who are those kids in those pictures? They look familiar.

  2. Nothing like a Swiss Roll...well maybe a Twinkie; but swiss rolls are still good!!

    The pumpkin patch looks fun, but super chilly!!! brrr!!


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