Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giveaway, Award and Powder Puff

Sometimes I read blogs but miss things because I over read. Apparently Diamond had given me award earlier in December and I completely missed it.

I'm so not popular and there are thousands of blogs better than mine, so there is no way I would want to miss out on some award goodness. She digs my blog and threw this my way.

Thanks girl! That was very sweet of you and thanks for continuing to read my blog when I didn't even recognize the award! Still don't know how I missed it!


Flssgrl is having a giveaway on her blog. She entered herself in a giveaway where the blogger will giveaway a handmade surprise to the first 3 to comment as long as they post about it and "Pay it Forward" . They have 365 days to get the prizes out to those people and so forth.

I thought it was a cool idea. I think I was the first commenter on her blog so I'm hoping to get my prize sometime this year ;o). Ok, so who's going to join me? You have a whole year to come up with the prizes and send them out so don't be intimidated. Come on!


Lael had really taken to this Girl Scout's thing. She's sold over 40 boxes of cookies and has her eyes on a few other people to grab. One of the first activities she will be involved in is a Powder Puff Derby. The Girl and Boy Scouts get to build wooden cars and race them. We took her car to the wood shop on base yesterday and her dad sketched out a cool bat-mobile type of car and the guys cut it out and sanded it. She was super excited and can't wait to decorate it and attach the wheels.

I had to borrow a camera and haven't got the pictures but I'll put them up soon.

The races will soon begin! Let the best car win. Ours, ahem, I mean hers will give them a run for their money, I hope.

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