Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Powder...Of All Sorts

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Lael and her Girl Scout's Powder Puff Derby.

Boy was I lazy about it. We started off really well. Purchasing our kit, getting the car cut out and sanded. All I had to do was have Lael paint it and then attach the wheels.

I put that part off because, well, I guess I'm a tad bit lazy. I wasn't even sure if I was going to take part in the races. The race was Sunday at 1pm and I finally decided at 9pm Saturday night that we should go ahead and get it painted.

That little fire cracker of mine was all over it. She painted and glittered and stickered the hell out of that car. It was a little purple people eater by the time she was done.

The morning of I felt like I had been hit by a truck (you know because of the Aerobathon and all) and was pretty sure we wouldn't go. Once again, something nagged at the back of my brain and I decided to go anyway.

Am I ever glad I did! Lael's car did great. Thanks to the Boy Scout dads who glued and beefed up the cars a bit.

Time to weigh the car...5 ounces exactly!

Doesn't someone look hopeful.

Here they come down the track!

Look who was in the lead and had to go through a tiebreaker?

Guess who lost by just a teensy bit?

I'll take second place! Whoo Haaa!

And then guess who finally got some powder from the heavenly skies? Yup. We did and we celebrated by giving shout outs to the angels...the snow kind.


  1. I never knew girl scouts did a "powderpuff" derby! How fun! I remember my dad and brothers obsessing over their cars when I was younger. YAY Lael for getting 2nd place! I'm glad you decided to go!


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