Monday, November 14, 2011

8 Is The Magic Number

I finally found the cord to my camera.  Yeah.  It had been THAT long since I uploaded pictures.

So,  word on the street is Lael turned 8.  How the hell did that happen?

Also, Kobi is 18 months today.  Seriously.  I know.  I haven't posted a picture of him since he turned one.


He is really super cute though.  And a busy body.  And did I mention cute?  Just checking.

So remember when I had planned to take Lael to the American Girl store in New York for her birthday?  Yeah, probably not, but follow along anyway.  So I was supposed to but then something very much so cooler happened.  They opened one her in the DC area.  I immediately made reservations and had been keeping it a total secret the entire summer (the very busy summer which I will catch yall up on soon). 

We got snow on her birthday here in DC.  On October 29th.  Seriously.  We couldn't believe it either but I sure didn't let that stop the birthday festivities.

We got to Tyson's Corner Mall which is where the store was and she was super annoyed that her big surprise was going the mall.  It was hilarious.

As we were walking along she noticed a few girls carrying American Girl bags but still didn't put two and two together.

I swear, that place was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  There was so much pink and sparkle I could die.

It was also very pricey.  The grandparents were all generous enough to pitch in so I was able to easily pay for our birthday lunch package, get Lael a new doll and many accessories.

Here are a few pictures from our festivities.

It was a wonderful day.  Afterwards we went bowling here on base were Lael ended the night by winning the costume contest and getting an iPod Shuffle.  I know.

Halloween post to come soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where did the time go?

So the last time y'all heard from me Kobi had just turned 1. Well now he's creeping up on 18 months. Lael just turned 8 and I recently hit the big 30. Life has been overwhelmingly busy. I'm taking two college courses and juggling work, sports and everything else that comes along with motherhood. I'm very happy but just too busy to enjoy it sometimes. I know all my hard work will be rewarding some day. I miss you all. I miss reading your stories and laughing at your comments. I'm ready to be back. I'm not really sure how I stopped. It's like a part of me has been missing the past six months or so. Time flies by.

I'll be back soon with pictures and stories. Soon, I promise!