Thursday, January 29, 2009

Biggest Loser-Week 2

Has it already been a week since I posted? Ok, I guess it has. So how did I do? Great!

So Friday I didn't work out but that's ok. Saturday I did the Aerobathon which was 4 non-stop hours of working out. Sunday I dragged my dead body around. But Monday I was right back in the gym on the Elliptical. I took Tuesday off. Wednesday I did weight lifting and today I ran 3 miles and did sit ups and push-ups. Not bad huh?

I even managed to lose another half a pound so that has me down from 150 to 149. Not a huge number but it's a lower one right?

I've been doing great counting my calories but have slip ups every now and then. From the rest of the week today was probably my worst. I went to a luncheon and ate some Ravioli Portabella(I'm sure the calories were out of this world) and then I went to Burger King because it's all I had time for before taking Lael to cheer practice.

I am determined to do better tomorrow and the weekend. So thanks for the kind words! I am back on the right track and won't veer off anytime soon!

Check back in next Thursday to see how I've done...or not.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

I think children are hilarious. I am particularly fond of the 5 year old. It could be because Lael is 5, or not, whatever. Either way, she sure can tickle me pink.

Her personality is really coming out and we always sometimes bump heads and it's really frustrating.

She is clever though. She has found a way to agree with me but also making it seem like it was her decision.

"Mom can I take my snow boots off?"

"Sure but don't leave them in the middle of the floor, set them on the stairs for now."





"Um..ok, eeny, meeny, miny, mo my mom says put my boot here, but I choose....(spinning around pointing her finger) there."

"Oh my gosh, I picked the stairs too mom!"

Yes, yes you did. She always has to have the last word.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Powder...Of All Sorts

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Lael and her Girl Scout's Powder Puff Derby.

Boy was I lazy about it. We started off really well. Purchasing our kit, getting the car cut out and sanded. All I had to do was have Lael paint it and then attach the wheels.

I put that part off because, well, I guess I'm a tad bit lazy. I wasn't even sure if I was going to take part in the races. The race was Sunday at 1pm and I finally decided at 9pm Saturday night that we should go ahead and get it painted.

That little fire cracker of mine was all over it. She painted and glittered and stickered the hell out of that car. It was a little purple people eater by the time she was done.

The morning of I felt like I had been hit by a truck (you know because of the Aerobathon and all) and was pretty sure we wouldn't go. Once again, something nagged at the back of my brain and I decided to go anyway.

Am I ever glad I did! Lael's car did great. Thanks to the Boy Scout dads who glued and beefed up the cars a bit.

Time to weigh the car...5 ounces exactly!

Doesn't someone look hopeful.

Here they come down the track!

Look who was in the lead and had to go through a tiebreaker?

Guess who lost by just a teensy bit?

I'll take second place! Whoo Haaa!

And then guess who finally got some powder from the heavenly skies? Yup. We did and we celebrated by giving shout outs to the angels...the snow kind.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama's on vacation but we should still clean our souls!

I did not get to take Lael to the Youth Inauguration Concert and scream and dance like I was a teenage girl when the Jonas Brother's came on stage. Nope, you can't prove it.

I did not stand on my bed taking pictures of Marine 1 flying over my base and then fall and cut my foot and still proceed to run down the stairs, out the front door, barefoot in below freezing temperatures to get another picture. But if I did, I would have gotten that picture.

I did not spend the rest of the week limping due to this horrible foot injury that left me with a chunk missing and a cut pinkie toe. Good lord it was painful.

I did not cheer and cry at the television while watching the Inauguration from the warmth of my living room. I was not proud of my country. Nope not one bit.

I did not get nervous my first time coaching a bunch of 5 and 6 year old cheerleaders. I am an adult and can compose myself in front of Kindergartner's.

I did not almost get sick again after watching a Grey's Anatomy episode. But if was such a GOOD episode!

I did not decide to almost kill myself by participating in an Aerobathon that consisted of Kickboxing, Spin Cycling, Zumba, Power Pump (weight lifting), Step Aerobics, and Pilate's for 4 consecutive hours.

I did not spend that night painting Lael's car so that she could race in the Girl Scout's Powder Puff Derby. I plan ahead of time and don't wait until the NIGHT BEFORE to paint a wood car.

I did not wake up Sunday feeling like I had been hit by a car. I did not almost fling Lael across the room when she jumped on top of me and I did not cry when I had to walk down the stairs because every part of me was on fire except my hair which is still very cute in my new style.

I did not drag Lael to said Derby and she win second place and I not envy the girl who beat her. I am not competitive like that.

I have tons more but I'll spare you the details! Your turn!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Of The Week-Week 4

Guess what lucky little girl got close up seats to the Inaugural Youth Concert on Monday night?

Guess who completely lost her mind when the Jonas Brother's came on stage?

Guess who's friends saw her on the Disney Channel?

Guess who is the coolest mom of the year?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Biggest Loser-Week 1

I bet yall are dying to know what progress I've made since I started the Biggest Loser Challenge?

Um...well, let's see. I ran 1 1/2 miles last Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday...nothing.

Sunday I went ice skating for and hour. Monday-Wednesday....nothing. Tonight I cycled 5 miles.

I'm not doing as good as I know I can. I can't use the Inauguration and other things as excuses.

I started at 150 and now I am not 150 but not quite 149 either. Somewhere stuck in the middle. It sucks to know that if I had put in a little more effort I could have lost a FULL pound or even 2!

What is wrong with me? I feel like a lazy slob. The only good thing I have done is count my calories. I use The Daily Plate to track them and I have been doing well but I need to put in my aerobics.

Encouraging words would be nice right about now. I need to do this. I have to turn in my weight and measurements on Sunday. I will do this. On Saturday the gym is having a Aerobathon and I am going to participate.

I will get back on board. I need to. I must. So, next Thursday I will have better results! I promise!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There Goes My Snack Money

Lael lost her first tooth June 29th. You can tell how she was excited back then. Best day ever I think she said.

Not long after that sometime in July her second tooth fell out.

By the time school started in August they had both grown in for the most part. Almost immediately, she had 4 more that were lose and they had been from then...until today.

My brave one pulled her second tooth out on her own and tonight she practically did it again. She did chicken out at the last minute and mom had to save the day.

I had a few dollars for snacks at work tomorrow. Guess I better pack my lunch with an extra treat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Thoughts On This Historic Day

8:45-Woke up and am amazed by the amount of people see on tv at the National Mall

9:30-I hope the lady that fell on the tracks of the metro is ok. I'm sure the crowds are overwhelming

10:47-Michelle Obama looks GREAT in her personally designed outfit. Go girl!

11:03-The more I watch, the more I wish I had went out there

11:15-Wow, 39th President Jimmy Carter looks great! How cool to see the past Presidents

11:22-Were the cheers for President Clinton or Hilary Clinton? :o)

11:55-Listening to Aretha Franklin sing and watching people cry on tv has brought tears to my eyes

11:57-Joe Biden is swearing in and I'm a feeling giddy inside

12:04-Everyone standing for swearing in...I'm crying, this is so exciting!


12:25- "The time has come to set aside childish things."

"...all this we can do, all this we will do."

"Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America - they will be met,"

1:10-Executive 1 just flew over our base on the way to Andrews AFB(I managed to snap a photo but hurt my foot running down the stairs-no worries, Lael patched me up)

1:17-Bush Family arrives at Andrews AFB and on their way home to Texas

Wow, this morning has been one I'll never forget. I know people who supported Barack from the beginning, I know people who thinks electing him was a horrible mistake. But what I know along with these people is that we should be honored to be apart of history. To witness it, to participate, and to live in this free country.

Mr. President, I wish you the best of luck and like from day one, you have my support 100%!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Time to join in on MckMama's free therapy. Cleansing is good for the body!

I did not stalk the Presidential Inauguration Committee to get tickets to the youth concert. I ended up getting some but through a different source.

I did not almost cry when I woke up for work one morning and it was only 8 degrees. I don't deal well with the cold.

I did not try my best to avoid opening up the Tinkerbell Nail Salon Lael got for Christmas but give in when she gave me her pouty face. I despise messy projects.

I did not freak when I found a mouse trap kit empty box on my kitchen counter and believe my husband when he said he got it for the garage but just as a precaution. He lied and told me after he caught it. I am an adult and do NOT cringe at the thought of creepy crawlers.

I did not go to Children's Place and get Lael a new outfit for said concert and get at least 80 bucks worth of clothes for only 39 bucks and that was the highlight of the day!

I did not get my hair cut again but this time it's all the way to my chin. I did think I looked like a boy at first but now I love it and can wear it out in uniform.

I did not go ice skating with Lael and some friends and laugh everytime she fell (which was after everytime she got up) and not feel guilty. She and I both had a blast!

I did not go all week without cooking dinner. We ate, but I surely didn't lift a finger. Nope, not a one.
And finally,

I did not get peed on by my 5 year old this morning, in my own bed, because she snuggled in at 8am , went back to sleep and then proceeded to pee on her and me while she dreamed away. My girl has been potty trained since she was 2 and does not slip up every now and then, even when her mom gives her drink at 10pm.

Ah, now I feel like I can move on with this week.

Happy Monday yall!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Of The Week-Week 3

(Bad quality photo taken with my cell phone)

Guess who started Cheerleading yesterday? How'd you guess? She's got two cheers, her High V and her Low V down packed already. Can't stop this kid.

We've got spirit yes we do, we've got spirit how 'bout you!?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cleansing Myself, One Calorie At A Time

On my base the fitness center has a Biggest Loser contest. A group of 8-10 can join and work to lose weight for 8 weeks. Me and a few of my girls have decided to start a team. I think we are the Pink Princesses, maybe, I could be wrong.

This is such a good thing. I have never been "fat" but I have been out of shape. Somehow (it could be eating McDonald's everyday for the last few months) my body has gotten out. of. control.

Currently I am 10lbs lighter than I was when I gave birth to my daughter. This is so wrong on sooooo many levels. I know it's all my fault and take complete responsibility for it.

I am a runner, you know when I'm not eating my share of fries and cheeseburgers, but have fallen off my bandwagon. I had a Nike+ system and at one point, I was running 4-5 miles a day. Not so much anymore.

Tuesday night I barely ran 1.5 miles without passing out in mid stride. I went home and cried (in the shower) because I couldn't believe I let myself get to this point. I was the girl that could barely get to 100lbs. I was the girl that was maybe 120 when I met my husband. I was the girl who went from 160 to 130 after I had my daughter. Where did that girl go? Granted, I understand with age my metabolism has changed but once again, I know I did this to myself.

So, enough with the sobbing and on with taking action! This is it! I will no longer let the cookies and grease smack me around. I am in control! With the support of my friends, co-workers, and husband I will lose these extra pounds and start a healthier life.

I need the support of yall. I have manage to put my study material on my iPod so I can run and study at the same time. See how I multitask? I will put my stats on my sidebar and every Thursday I am going to blog about my progress.

If you have time, I would love each and everyone of you to leave me some supportive words. Even those that come by and not comment. Please. I will need to look back on these comments every now and then to give me that extra push. And if you see me reaching for that burger, or choosing ice cream over fruit. Smack me, or just lift up my shirt so I can see my own gut.

May the biggest loser win!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why You May Hear Me Muttering To Myself

I've been in the Air Force for 9 years, 6 months and 1 day. Yes, I am counting down to retirement.

I think the hardest part of being in the military (besides deploying away from family) is the fact that no matter where you are (except deploying) or what job you have we get paid a set rate.

Let me explain. Your paycheck depends on what your rank is. I am enlisted. That means I came in the military without going through college. If I had went through a college I would have came in as an officer making much more money.

I enlisted in 1999 at the age of 17 . That means I graduated High School in June and by July I was in basic training. This started off fine because I only had to take care of myself and I lived in the dorms on base. Most enlisted that come in get paid very little because they come in with out any stripes (rank) on their arms. I, however, came in immediately with 2 stripes because I had been in JROTC in High School for 4 years. This means I started off making money that it would take a new airman 2-3 years to earn.

With this said I put on my 3rd stripe quickly as well. (The first 3 stripes are given depending on your time in and time you had the previous one on) I have been ahead of my peers for the most part. After having 3 stripes you have to test for the next few every year. In 2002, I decided my time was almost up and I was going to separate so when it was time to test for my 4th stripe I didn't put any effort into it. I tested but had no plans of sticking around to see how I did. Big mistake. I decided to re-enlist and missed my 4th stripe by less than 1 point, it think it was .075.

By 2003, I was ready to test for the second time. I tested and then found out I was pregnant. By the time the results came out I was about 6months pregnant. I found out I had made it so I would not only be having a baby but earning more money and able to help take good care of her.

So that's where I am not. In December of 2003 I put on my 4th stripe. I couldn't test for my 5th until 2007. I tested in February of 2007 and didn't make it. I tested in March of 2008 and didn't make it again. February 19th will be my 3rd time testing. I can't explain how much I need this stripe. I have been a SSgt for 5 years and have been earning pretty much the same paycheck for 5 years.

In the meantime my child has grown (yes, I'm amazed as well) and therefore want to be in activities. That wasn't a problem until October 2007 when my husband lost the contract for his job. Earning my TSgt stripe this year means more to me than anything. I will be eating, sleeping and dreaming my study material for the next month and 4 days. I have to make it. I need it. My family needs it. It is necessary.

So, I'm off to study. Again. I could use some prayer. Some hope. The answers to the test if you have them (just kidding).

Tech Sergeant. It just looks good doesn't it. Ok maybe not but the paycheck sure would.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i Heart Faces (Updated)

I decided to enter my new favorite photo of Lael into the iheartfaces contest. May the best face win! :o)


This picture was taken when we went to the National Harbor to see Santa water ski, when the characters started to go by us she looked at me laughing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Alrighty, I took last week off but now I'm back trying to clear my consious.

Here we go....

I did I not cut off sodas for a few weeks and feel like I was detoxing off of drugs. Goodness gracious!

I did not almost have a panic attack when I had to take my baby to the ER for chest pains. Scary!

I did not go to a play with my friend and actually sniff a guy who smelled sooo good. Only weirdo's sniff people.

I did not take Lael to Walmart and have her try on old people reading glasses in the pharmacy isle because she swears she needs glasses (she doesn't but a girl on her favorite tv show wears them) and giggle because she looked like a little old person. I would not do that to my child.

I do not have a pair of tights I bought from Express 6 years ago and refuse to get rid of them even though they have runs on the side and now a hole on the toe. If I do have a pair I would not be wearing them now with my uniform because I paid so much for them I will get my use out of them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Giveaway, Award and Powder Puff

Sometimes I read blogs but miss things because I over read. Apparently Diamond had given me award earlier in December and I completely missed it.

I'm so not popular and there are thousands of blogs better than mine, so there is no way I would want to miss out on some award goodness. She digs my blog and threw this my way.

Thanks girl! That was very sweet of you and thanks for continuing to read my blog when I didn't even recognize the award! Still don't know how I missed it!


Flssgrl is having a giveaway on her blog. She entered herself in a giveaway where the blogger will giveaway a handmade surprise to the first 3 to comment as long as they post about it and "Pay it Forward" . They have 365 days to get the prizes out to those people and so forth.

I thought it was a cool idea. I think I was the first commenter on her blog so I'm hoping to get my prize sometime this year ;o). Ok, so who's going to join me? You have a whole year to come up with the prizes and send them out so don't be intimidated. Come on!


Lael had really taken to this Girl Scout's thing. She's sold over 40 boxes of cookies and has her eyes on a few other people to grab. One of the first activities she will be involved in is a Powder Puff Derby. The Girl and Boy Scouts get to build wooden cars and race them. We took her car to the wood shop on base yesterday and her dad sketched out a cool bat-mobile type of car and the guys cut it out and sanded it. She was super excited and can't wait to decorate it and attach the wheels.

I had to borrow a camera and haven't got the pictures but I'll put them up soon.

The races will soon begin! Let the best car win. Ours, ahem, I mean hers will give them a run for their money, I hope.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Of The Week-Week 2

Victory! Reading Green Eggs and Ham for the first time calls for celebration right?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally Letting Myself Breath

I'm breathing again. The last few days have really tested me as a mother. The last time I spent so many hours in a hospital I was giving birth to little miss twinkletoes.

Of course, I spent last night in sleeping with her in her tiny twin size bed. Well, I guess using the word sleep would be a lie, so let's say I lay in bed with her. Every time she coughed or moved I was checking her pulse and wrapping my hands around her to feel her heart beating in my hands.

It's amazing how far you will go when you feel your child's health is at stake. She slept pretty well, you know as good as a kid can sleep with their annoying mother asking them every few hours how their chest feels.

She got up and went off to school and I went off to work preparing to leave early to take her to her 3:30 appointment. Because of all the commuting I do I planned to be out of my office by 1. Yeah. Not so much. We had a meeting from 10-11 and the whole while I was nervous about being away from my phone. I get back up to my desk and I had a missed call from 10:58. Lael's school. There was a message about her having chest pains again.

I just about threw up at that point. I cursed and mumbled under my breath. Not at the fact that they had to call me again, but because I hate to see any child in pain especially mine. Pain without an answer is just the worse.

I had the car at the metro garage so I quickly hopped on the train and was at her school in no time. She seemed chipper when I got there but insisted that she was still having chest pains. I decided that since I had her appointment at the "better" hospital that I would just go there and take her straight to their ER. I wasn't taking any chances.

They did the same thing as yesterday. EKG, Vitals, and looked over the X-rays from the day prior. After 3 hours or so they discharged her with the same deer in headlights look. No clue. I got out of there about 5 minutes before her scheduled appointment so decided I would walk down the hall and let a "real" pediatrician give her a look over. You know, for extra precaution.

Boy am I glad I did. They gave her would would be her 3rd EKG (just to be safe) and gave her PNT test (for asthma) and poked and prodded. Brought in more doctors who poked and prodded and finally came up with some results. Acid Reflux. She had this as a baby. She puked after ever. single. feeding. Really, it completely sucked.

Now that she is older she just goes to the bathroom when she has to "spit up". Recently I thought she had been overeating but now that I put two and two together, it completely makes sense and I feel a little silly (stupid actually).

How could I have missed it. She has been "spitting up" alot lately. I don't know why it is happening frequently but I will now be keeping journal on when she spits up and what foods she ate before hand. I pack her lunch for school so that makes it easier for me to keep track. At least that what I think for now.

Ok so, baby is good. Her heart is nice and strong. Her lungs are clear as glass. And she gets to chew fruity Tums and is now sleeping peacefully, you know, without me squishing her in her bed.

I'm off to bed now. I feel as if I've been hit by a truck, twice. I guess this is how it feels when stress leaves the body. Unrelated to this, or maybe it is related. Her soon to be new doctor(because she totally rocked way more than Lael's current doctor) thinks she may have sleep apnea. You could probably hear her snoring if you listen closely. Can you hear it? No? Well I can and so can a church full of people which has happened often.

Ok, I'm off to bed, I'm starting to ramble. I think......



Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scared Beyond Words

Today has been exhausting, stressful, frighting and everything else along those lines. Saturday night we were at a friends and we had taken over our Dance Revolution pads to rock out with Lael's friends. The kids had been at it for an hour or so when my friend stopped by. Lael had just finished jumping around and dancing when she asked for water and lay down on the couch. My friend noticed her and pointed out how pale she looked and at the same time Lael told me her heart (I'm assuming she meant her chest) was hurting.

I told her to sit down and figured her heart rate was high because of all the jumping around and then I didn't think about it again that night. The next day she mentioned nothing, but Monday night she told me her "heart" was still hurting and that it hadn't gone away. Once again, I blew her off thinking she didn't really know what she was talking about.

Today I'm sitting at my desk at work and my cell phone rings. I had meant to turn it off but before I did I decided to call back the unknown number. Lael's school secretary answered and I immediately knew something was because her school never calls. I asked her who was trying to call my cell and she gave the phone to Lael's teacher's assistant. She explained to me that Lael didn't "look right" and that she had been complaining about chest pains. She took her down to the nurse who took her vitals and then they called back to say that everything seemed normal but she looked pale and continued to hold her chest complaining that her "heart" hurt.

At this point I went completely numb. I left work right away and got to her school in good time and then took her to the closest military base ER. Once we got there they took her back right away. She received 2 EKG tests and 2 chest X-rays. We were there for about 3 hours (which is GREAT from past experience) and then were discharged with no more answers then we came in with.

I have serious issues with some of our military health care facilities. It's not that I don't think they care or do their best but just that their best isn't good enough. Not for me and for damn sure not for my child. I was told that kids get aches and pains sometimes but all the tests seemed normal (even though Lael was still complaining of pain). I was told I would get a consult to Walter Reed (the military hospital that takes care of wounded war soldiers and is GREAT in my opinion) to see a Pediatric Cardiology Specialist. It will probably take a week before I actually get an appointment so in the meantime I am taking her there tomorrow to see her regular doctor.

I am stressed. I am worried. She is in the bed now and I have probably checked on her 3 or 4 times in the past 2 hrs to make sure she's breathing with a beating heart. I know it's paranoid but I don't feel as if I got any answers and don't know if there is really something seriously wrong with my baby. I am sure I won't get much sleep tonight and will be jumping at every cough or shuffle I hear coming from her room. I am almost debating about sleeping on her floor, or in the bed with her or putting her in the bed with me. It seems ridiculous but right before bed she whined about her heart beating too fast.

3:30 tomorrow can't come fast enough. I am anxious to get to a better hospital with better trained staff and hopefully get some answers. If she needs surgery, I'll fall apart but at least something will be done. If she has asthma, I'll freak but at least there are medicines for it. Whatever it may be I need an answer. She knows her body just like we know ours and she knows whens she's in pain and when she's not and dammit my baby is in pain and I can't fix it. Yet. But I will.

In the meantime, please extend your prayers to me and my baby. I couldn't survive something bad happening because of negligent doctors. Please pray for me please, please, please.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Better Than High School

So I'm just hangin' around the blog world and I get an email. It was from one of my bloggy friends, Jillene. Uh huh, and guess what she had to tell me?

She thinks I'm sour but sweet at the same time. Well not me but my blog, which is a part of me so, yeah me!

I got this:

It's a lemonade stand award. It means she thinks my blog has just the right amount of lemon and sugar to make a perfect summer treat! Isn't that the sweetest (no pun intended) Thanks Jillene! You are super cool, and I don't think I deserve it, but hell yeah I'll take it!

So far I am way cooler on the Internet than I ever was in High School! Go me! Go me!


Ok, moving on. So, now I get to bless a few others with the tangy-ness of this award.

Here are my 10....










10/ Chris

Drink up the lemonade ladies and don't forget to share!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

When I'm Not Around

Wow, this is actually my 100th post. Getting back into my daily routine left me a little crazy this weekend so I decided to sit out of the usual Not Me! Monday. Instead I wanted this post to be about something crazy, you know like the fact that the Jamaican lady gave me an invitation to her 60th birthday party.

Or about how when Lael tried to explain her Tinkerbell Nail Salon she got from Santa and said "You know the nail thing that makes my paws look pretty." Yeah. Because people have paws just like animals.

Or how Lael had just joined a Girl Scout's Daisy troop is extra psyched out. Yeah, I said it.

But no, riding home on the Metro this evening completely opened my eyes to what I want to talk about.

What will my daughter turn out like? Will she be like the "ghetto fabulous" girls I see everyday on the train. You know, the one's that look like they just stepped out of a 50 Cent video? I wonder if their mothers know what they are doing when they are not around.

Cursing worse then men. Jeans so tight they could be painted on. Earrings so big it makes the holes in their ears droop. Heavy makeup. Smacking gum in their mouths like it's their last meal. Talking about how this boy did this and that girl did that. Not that I'm eavesdropping. No, they just talk that loud. I have to practically deafen myself with my iPod to tune them out.

It actually makes me sad. It makes my stomach turn a little. What will these girls do with their lives. I know not all of them come from the wealthiest of homes but money doesn't make a person. Being military we have nice lives. But is all it is. There is nothing glamorous about how we live. But we make due with what we have.

I'm sure the mothers of these girls do the same. They work multiple jobs and most of them don't have a father in their lives, but still, I'm sure their parents teach them better. I make it a
point to correct Lael when she says "yeah" instead of "yes". When she answers me "uh huh" instead of "yes ma'am". When she says she "ain't got" something vs. she "doesn't have".

The question is do these things matter? Am I waisting my time and effort in pounding these things into her? Will she wait for me to turn the corner and start cursing like the worst of them. Will I send her to school in her cute outfit only for her to go to the bathroom and put on a mini skirt and too much makeup?

What will happen? What will my daughter do when I'm not around? What are your children doing when you aren't around? How can I feel secure in that I'm raising a child that will act right when I'm around and later in life when she's on her own.

These things worry me. What future is in store for our youth when all they see on t.v. and walking down the streets are the things we don't want them to be?

I know that I will not stop. I will do my best to teach her right from wrong and then close my eyes and cross my fingers that I've done as best as I can. Will she do the same?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Photo Of The Week-Week 1

Something new I'm going to do in '09 on my blog is to feature my favorite picture of the week. Shall we begin?

Yes, I'm always being watched.