Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Alrighty, I took last week off but now I'm back trying to clear my consious.

Here we go....

I did I not cut off sodas for a few weeks and feel like I was detoxing off of drugs. Goodness gracious!

I did not almost have a panic attack when I had to take my baby to the ER for chest pains. Scary!

I did not go to a play with my friend and actually sniff a guy who smelled sooo good. Only weirdo's sniff people.

I did not take Lael to Walmart and have her try on old people reading glasses in the pharmacy isle because she swears she needs glasses (she doesn't but a girl on her favorite tv show wears them) and giggle because she looked like a little old person. I would not do that to my child.

I do not have a pair of tights I bought from Express 6 years ago and refuse to get rid of them even though they have runs on the side and now a hole on the toe. If I do have a pair I would not be wearing them now with my uniform because I paid so much for them I will get my use out of them.


  1. I just barely got rid of some Express tights that I've had for probably 10 years. you have a few good years left in those. :)

  2. I would not have had a melt down if I had to take a child to the ER twice either!!

  3. I do not sniff people either.



    Hope Lael's okay!

  4. You convinced me that I'm doing the right thing by not giving up pop. Thank you. ;0

  5. Those are very good. I do hope your child is alright.

  6. Great not me monday. I used to have 8 or 9 cans of coca cola a day I cut down and I think it was just as hard as when I quit smoking

  7. Oh the withdrawal of caffeine~~I knowinks it ALL too well:( It stinks!!!

    My oldest insisted she needed glasses for months {she was 9). We thought she only wanted them because her friend had just gotten them:) When we saw a hot air balloon in the sky and she could not see it~ I decided I better take her in! She was only blind for a few months:):) If girls weren't soooo dramatic...

    Best of luck on making Tech. My husband is the Air National Guard~~ready to retire. We just returned from a base in England. He augmented Security Forces flights while they went to the 'sandbox' WE LOVED ENGLAND!!!

    I guess I have rambled long enough!!


  8. Oh my goodness...I hope she's ok! I laughed out loud about making her try on old people glasses! Great list!

  9. I so could not give soda up. I can't even go to diet. Thanks for the visit and the shout out!


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