Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Start

I love when the New Year rolls around. No matter what you may have or may not have done in the previous year. We get a free do-over every 12 months. Yes I'm aware that we can't change the past but we can change the future.

I've learned early not to set up resolutions because I won't follow through. Who really does? What I try to do is improve my life from year to year all together. I want to look back and see a difference, a change, something that has better me and my family's life.

This year I've decided that I am going take care of my house, my body, and my spirit. It's not a resolution but improvements I'd like to make starting today and by this time next year, I'm sure I'll see changes.

I love to run. I like how it makes me feel and I like to challenge myself to see if I can run further and further. I had started training to run a half marathon, but somewhere along the way I got lost. I let all kind of things distract me and veer me off course. No more.

In 2009, I will see all tasks (of importance) to the very end. Now, with that said, let's talk about what I did for New Year's Eve and what I've been spending the first day of 2009 doing.

Loungin' last night and Grandmas:

More Loungin'

Lael waking up at noon after going to bed after 2am.

We went to my MIL and hung out with her and a few family members. It was very quiet and low key. The girls got to run around and play and we just drank daiquiri's and watched girly movies.

At one point, we were so caught up into our movie that we lost track of time until we hear the kids counting down in the basement. I looked at my phone and it was 12:01. Oops! Oh well, I ran down and kissed my babies and made phone calls! Man I'm getting old!

We got home today before 3pm and I decided my first act of 2009 would be playing with my girls.

We whipped out our new favorite toy, Dance Revolution but guess what daddy walks in the door with?

High School Musical 3 Dance Pad for the girls. So now they have a newer favorite toy.

So when I think about it, I'm knocking down two birds with one stone. Spending time with my kids and working out! Oh you didn't know, dancing IS a workout!

I am excited about this being a new year and hope you all have big plans for this year. I know I do and I plan to come up with fun, exciting ideas for my blog as well!

Happy New Year's!!


  1. Wow---she slept until noon... I bet you didn't know what to do with yourself....

  2. Happy New Year! Yes, noon...I'm so jealous :)

  3. dude. i love me a do-over every 12 months too :-)

    and i love, love, love the quietness of january. it's such a nice break.

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  5. my comment double-posted. so i deleted it.

    swear i'm not a stalker.



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