Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Of The Week-Week 4

Guess what lucky little girl got close up seats to the Inaugural Youth Concert on Monday night?

Guess who completely lost her mind when the Jonas Brother's came on stage?

Guess who's friends saw her on the Disney Channel?

Guess who is the coolest mom of the year?


  1. I bet I know who! lol
    That smile is priceless :-D.

  2. OH MY...HOW EXCITING!!! She looks so THRILLED. That rocks.

  3. I bet I could guess!! How freaking fun!! She is so adorable!!

  4. I know my girls are jealous! How awesome that her friends saw her on TV! You are the best mom ever.

  5. Awesome shot! I know she'll be loving her mama for a long time for this experience! The new header on the blog looks great, I guess the Christmas camera is suiting you just fine :)


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