Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Preview of the Year

So La had a great second day of school. She came home a bit filthier than the day before which means she got "down and dirty".

Me: "So how was school today?"

Her: "Ummm (as she watches Spongebob with one eye and trying to look at me with the other) goooood"

Me: "Hey look at me, what did you do today?"

Her: "Play with Charlotte, we played girls not animals today."

Me: "Mmmm, that's good. What else?"

Her: "That's all I just played...oh but I got a pink card today."

Me: "Oh really, well what were you doing?"

Her: "Well just playing cats with our hands. Charlotte got me the pink card and I got her the pink card."

Great. In her school they have behavior cards. Here's the line up.

Green-Good Behavior


Blue-Lose 15mins of recess

Yellow-Lose all recess and parent gets called

Last year, she pretty much got green cards but had an occasional pink but never on the second day of school.

Oh boy, is this a preview of how La is going to be in Kindergarten. I better warn my job that I may have a few extra parent-teacher conferences than the previous year.

Wish me luck......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kindergartner's Ride the Bus

So today was La's first day of Kindergarten. Last year she went to all day Pre-K and it was great but she wasn't yet old enough to ride the school bus. This year however, is a different story. For a few weeks she has been excited about riding the bus. We had to go to get her a bus pass (she calls it her drivers license) to attach to her backpack in order to ride the bus from on base to her school. I am pumping her up and preparing her for this big day but in reality I am preparing myself. Am I the only one TERRIFIED to sending their 4yr old princess on a big yellow bus full of other germy kids and in the hands of a driver I have never met?!?! I did really good all morning. Showered, fed her breafast, got her dressed and walked to the bus stop. We waited a few minutes and my heart started to race faster and my throat began to close up. A few buses passed but as each one approaced I held my breath. Finally the magic bus appeared. Who's the first one to run up to the open doors? My angel. The bus driver greets her.

Him: "Good Morning, what school do you go to?"

Her: "Kindergarten"

Great. I'm sure he's going to make her get off because if she can't remember the name of her school surely she isn't worthy enough to ride the bus. Well he asks to see her bus pass and she shows him and then bounces to the back of the bus. No goodbye, she didn't even look back. What was I to do...turn to my husband and cry like someone stole my candy. Oh I mean not a few tears but the "ugly cry". Well the bus pulls off and we proceed to drive ahead to the school because I am just positive the bus will get lost trying to find my baby's school. Well all ended well and I had a super happy kid...for now. Me however, I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the idea of my little girl growing up.