Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Preview of the Year

So La had a great second day of school. She came home a bit filthier than the day before which means she got "down and dirty".

Me: "So how was school today?"

Her: "Ummm (as she watches Spongebob with one eye and trying to look at me with the other) goooood"

Me: "Hey look at me, what did you do today?"

Her: "Play with Charlotte, we played girls not animals today."

Me: "Mmmm, that's good. What else?"

Her: "That's all I just played...oh but I got a pink card today."

Me: "Oh really, well what were you doing?"

Her: "Well just playing cats with our hands. Charlotte got me the pink card and I got her the pink card."

Great. In her school they have behavior cards. Here's the line up.

Green-Good Behavior


Blue-Lose 15mins of recess

Yellow-Lose all recess and parent gets called

Last year, she pretty much got green cards but had an occasional pink but never on the second day of school.

Oh boy, is this a preview of how La is going to be in Kindergarten. I better warn my job that I may have a few extra parent-teacher conferences than the previous year.

Wish me luck......

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