Friday, October 29, 2010


My Dearest Lael,

I haven't quite grasped the fact that you turned 7 today.

How has it been 7 years.  YEARS. 7 of them.

My heart hurts because time is slipping between my fingers. 

I need to find more time or hold on to those special moments when possible.

This year you wore many hats.  One as a cheerleader.  You may not have been the loudest, and you may have gotten some of the words wrong. But no one had a brighter smile.  Hands down.

You are currently finishing up soccer.  You kick ass in soccer.  You don't even have to try hard. You're a natural.

While looking through photos, I could not find many where you weren't smiling.

Except the ones where you are concentrating with your tongue hanging out.  I love when you do that.

You are also a fish.  You loved the water so much you were the youngest on the swim team.  They called you the Little Mermaid.

You are a clown.  You are always trying to make someone laugh.  You ALWAYS make me laugh.

This May you had a life changing experience.  You became a big sister.  You love your brother with a fierceness.  It's so sweet it hurts sometimes.

I thought 6 was great, but I have a feeling 7 is going to rock the party!  Just like you.

Happy Birthday Lael, words cannot express the love I have for you baby girl.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn On My Block

In my front garden. The mums are seeing their last light.

To my right. Early sunsets over the Potomac River.

To my left. Trees that are in the midst of change.  Trying to hold on to summer but excited for a change.

It's kinda magical how things change right before our eyes.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Few Moments

I turned her light on like I always do.

But instead of calling her name like I usually do, I sat on her bed.

I slowly lifted the covers off her feet.  I held her not so little anymore foot in my hand. 

I rubbed the bottom of them.

The baby softness has been replaced by a new toughness.

When did that happen?

I slowly rubbed her legs.

When did they get so long?

I rubbed her back and whispered her name.

She stirred.

She stretched.

And then she crawled towards me.

She laid in my arms just like she used to.

Except the only things that fit were her head and chest.

The rest of her body still lay on the bed.

I held her.  I rubbed her cheek.  I took her face in.

Her beautiful brown face.

She opened her beautiful brown eyes.

She smiled up at me and whispered “Good Morning Mommy”.

I smiled and whispered back. 

The we sat just like that.

Holding each other.

Taking in the moment.

I knew we would both get up eventually and shower.

I would have to get the baby up and change him.

She would have to get dressed and catch the bus.

I would have to rush off to work.

But for a few minutes this morning….

Nothing else mattered.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap~Lions and Jogging

It’s Monday again already.  I don’t feel too bad because I only work until Wednesday this week.

I took off to go to Lael’s class on Thursday to chaperone a field trip and take cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.

Mah baby will be 7 on Friday.  I’m not ready to accept that so….moving on.

This weekend I launched Operation Run My Ass Off.  It went pretty well except for the fact that I have the miles in my iPod and the computer says it transferred to my Nike account but it’s not showing up.

That’s kind of annoying.

So I got up at 8am on Saturday. Bundled little man up in his jogging stroller and we hit the waterfront trail.

It was all sorts of awesome.  I think he enjoyed it more than me.

When I got back it was time for Lael’s soccer game.

She scored 3 goals. She’s awesome like that.

Afterwards we relaxed until it was time to go to our neighbors Halloween Party.

The kids showed up in their costumes and played games like find the skull (like Easter egg hunting), pin the wart on the witch, and made candy necklaces that were shaped like little bones.

Kobi fell asleep and I was ready to go home when I found out the party was actually a sleepover.

Lael practically ran me over trying to go home to get her pj’s and toothbrush.

Hubby figured since we were practically alone he would take advantage of me.

Too bad me and Kobi were sleep by 9:30.

Party animals we are.

Sunday, I tried to sleep in. But the guilt ate away at me and I got up and strapped on my sneakers and hit the jogging path again.

I just really wish it would update. Of course I’m too lazy to try to figure it out. I mean. What are husbands for?

I spend the rest of my Sunday, cleaning and doing laundry.

Did anyone watch Desperate Housewives last night?  Doesn’t Paul creep you the hell out?

Anyway, I have to make a few phone calls about Lael’s party this Saturday.

Obviously, parents have forgotten how to RSVP these days.  I mean, seriously, I sent an E-vite.  Click yes, or no. 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Train Of Thought

Sometimes I get to a point where there is so much going on I sit and stare.

I can’t seem to focus on one thing at a  time.

I’ve been worried that Lael has ADD.  How do you know if your child is a child or if your child has a problem.

Her birthday is next Friday and so I have to plan her party.

Except I can’t get the people to RSVP.

Which is a problem because they won’t be able to just “show up” because they won’t be able to get on base.

In addition to that, my hubby thinks that sex is the answer to everything.

My response to that is eww.

The thought of sex grosses me out.

Obviously I have issues and should probably talk to someone about it but who has time to schedule an appointment?

Halloween is next week, which means Thanksgiving is around the corner which means Christmas is almost here which means omfg how is Christmas almost here.

And I need to buy a new tree.

And rob a bank to afford the shit the kids will probably want.

And shit, I need to buy Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits for the girls.  Shit. I forgot I have a baby so I have to get him an outfit too.

Did that bank get robbed yet?

Also, we have mice at work so I’m on edge.

I should not have to work under these conditions!

Also, I have not bought Lael anything for her birthday, you know, the one that’s next week.

Kobi is nursing fine but hasn’t been taking a bottle from hubby lately. I wonder if that’s a problem.

I have to take my PT test next month and haven’t started running yet.  This could pose a problem.

Some point between Thanksgiving and Christmas Lael will have her tonsils and adenoids taken out.

I need to go pump but I’m afraid I might see a mouse.

I can deal with a lot of shit, but that will break me.

Kinda like doing homework with Lael last night.  I almost lost it.

Like flying off the handle.

Maybe I’m the one with ADD…….

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

She's Tough But She's Still A Girl

Editor's Note: I wrote a rough draft of this post on paper with an actual pencil while pumping (shut it, y'all sometimes share TMI too). For some reason I decided to write in cursive and soon realized I can no longer actually write in cursive. As in I've forgotten how. I physically couldn't get my hand to do it. Is that what happens from spending so much time typing? Scary.

Last Wednesday I felt awful. While that is not what this story is about, it's info you should have to put yourself in my shoes.

As much as I didn't want to, I took Lael to soccer practice anyway (it was either that or stay back and cook dinner).

It was already in a bad mood because of the awfulness I felt and because my hubby acts like it would kill him to handle practice, the baby and dinner while I checked out for the night.

So anyway, I was full of pissiness when practice started. Lael decided to see how far over the edge she could push me by getting put in time-out with another girl. During practice. Yes, time-out.

I fussed at her that if she was going to spend practice in time-out we could just go home where it's much more comfortable.

She pulled herself together just in time for a little boy on her team to take her place. He was Out Of Control. This boy had never been a problem before and is one of the few coordinated kids on the team.

The first few times he "bumped" into Lael and knocked her down I let it go. But soon the other parents around me started making comments about how he was throwing himself into the others but focusing on Lael because she was the fastest with the ball.

I watched and gave the coach a chance to correct his behavior. He did nothing.

Then the boy began kicking so high he kicked the coach a few times and another boy got kicked on the arm. Yes, the arm. Still nothing was done.

The childs mom was walking the track so I flagged her down and told her what was going on.

She yelled for him to knock it off. He didn't listen.

He knocked Lael down again.

I said nothing.

Then at one point he Lael stole the ball from him and he took both hands and shoved her to the ground.

I may or may not have lost my fucking mind at that point.

I mean come the fuck on. How much of this was gonna happen? I'm all for being aggressive but play by the fucking rules kid.

I told him to cut that shit out and he did. But t
he continued to kick so high he made Lael fall and twist her arm.

I was so pissed I yanked her from practice early.

On the way off the field I spoke to his mom. I was polite but firm. She was equally pissed and was waiting for practice to be over before ripping him a new ass.

So Saturday they had a game. I spoke to the boy and both of his parents. I joked that he was upset Lael was faster than him but if he shoved her again she had my permisson to whoophis ass. We laughed but I was serious.

Our team won. Guess who calmed down and followed the rules?

Guess who scored the most?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sick Days

I remember the days when I would get sick and could curl up in the bed for a few days and rotate between sleeping and watching daytime television.

That's how things were BC, you know Before Children.

I've been sick the past few days.   You know the kind of sick where you sneeze and snot flies across the room and when you swallow and it feels like you have just downed a shot of nails.

Yeah. That kind.

I've been sick before with things turning out all wrong.

Not only do I still have to take care of the kids but to add to the drama my hubby has gotten sick to.

I'll let that sink in.

He. Has. A. Man-Cold.

It's almost bad enough to make me want to go to work.


So even though I have a fridge of pumped milk, I have had no relief.

I couldn't get him to take the baby long enough for me to even take a piss.

I woke him this morning and asked him to get Lael up for school.

He coughed, rolled over, and mumbled something.

To prevent myself from stabbing him in the fucking eyeballs, I got up with the baby and got her up myself.

I walked her to the bus and let the dogs out.

And when I went to let them back in one had a piece of shit stuck to their ass and it got on my floor.

I almost screamed. Instead I made them go back outside and walked my happy ass upstairs.

I am NOT picking it up.

As I type this my hubby is still snuggled in bed.

He can clean the shit when he decides to get up.

It's bad enough I practically have to share my birthday with him, but fuck!

Can I just be sick and watch Jersey Shore in the comfort of my bed?

Guess not.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Months

Oh Kobi,

Didn't I just write your 4mth post?

Would you quit the growing already?

In the past month you've been working on many things.

You are working on sitting up by yourself.

You start to crawl but then roll over and laugh at me.  You're a trickster like that.

You've recently learned how to put your pacifier in your mouth. All.By.Yourself.

You have a new squeal/scream.  I love how if I scream, you repeat after me.

You think everything is funny.  I mean EVERYTHING.

You have finally got the hang of sticking your foot in your mouth.

You love jumping in your Jumperoo.

You like to try to feed yourself, sweet peas, are your favorite.

You love the outdoors.

You are still teething and when you aren't chewing your fingers you like to chew my face.

I am sick today. And any other baby would be acting a fool, but you are a mommas boy, so naturally you are sleeping.

I love you more than the day before.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tell Me Something

Introductions~~Originally Posted Oct 12, 2008

Being new to the blogging community is almost like being a High School transfer. All of the kids have known each other for a while and have there own cliques. I am currently the new kid that everyone is trying to get a feel for. I started this blog as a stress reliever and to record silly things my baby does.

I enjoy reading other blogs, especially other mommy blogs and reading funny stories and getting new tips and ideas. So I thought that maybe if everyone got to know me a little better they would leave me a few comments now and then and if I'm really lucky I could get a few followers. You? Come on, come on. (See I've been forced to beg)

OK, so here's a few thing you should know about me.

1. My name is Keyona and I turned 27 last week
2. I was born and raised (for the most part) in Maryland
3. I have been married for 5 years
4. I have a daughter who is about to turn 5 on the 29th
5. I have a step-daughter who will be 7 in December
6. I was adopted by my stepdad when I was 14
7. I have 4 brothers and I am the only girl
8. I have been in the Air Force for 9 years
9. I deployed to Iraq in 2003 and don't really talk about it
10. I am a TV junkie and don't care to help it
11. I love running and am currently training to run my first half-marathon
12. I have a great sense of humor (at least I think so)
13. I don't have many friends but I think it's because I haven't met the right ones yet
14. I love taking photos and hope to take photography classes one day
15. I love this blogging thing and hope to get better and meet new people!


Obviously there are a few changes. 

I am now a brand new 29 year old.

Lael will be 7 in 2 weeks and Deja will be 9 in December.  How did that happen?

I've been in the Air Force for 11 years now.

I haven't been running to train but I am running again to lose my baby-baby weight.  Hee hee.

I took a bit of time off but am back into blogging again.

So, now tell me some things. Introduce yourself or if I "know" you already tell me something I don't know.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend started off early Friday. Because my birthday was Thursday my office let me leave Friday at noon.

Wasn’t that sweet of them?

I spent Friday afternoon lounging around and eating my weight in chocolate chip cookies that my supervisor baked for me.

I got up early Saturday and decided it was time for Project cleanthisdamnhouse.

During that process I dusted off my Dollar Tree scarecrows and plastic pumpkins and set my sofa table up with cute fall decorations.

Later that afternoon, my father-in-law came up and took us all bowling on base to celebrate our birthday’s.

Yes. Birthday’s.

Hubby turned 35 on Saturday. ( I meant to write him a birthday letter but it would just say blah blah, I love you, blah)

I know.

He’s old as dirt. I never thought I’d be married to an old guy. Go figure.

So anyway, I got whipped in bowling by everyone (including Lael).

That was lots of fun.

Because bowling took up so much energy I spend Sunday in bed watching cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark movies.

I doesn’t get any better than that.

Yesterday, I peeled myself out of the bed and did laundry and stuff.

I know, my life is sooooo exciting.

That is what holiday weekends are for right? Eating, lounging and watching bad tv right?

On another note, this morning I watched Lael walk to her bus stop and something seemed to grab her attention.

Actually, something seemed to have scared her half to death.

She was walking so far away from our neighbors house, she was practically walking in the street.

When she finally passed their house she kept looking behind her like something was coming after her.

I couldn’t figure out what had her bugged out so bad.

When I left to head to work this is what I saw:

I would bet my lunch money she’ll be walking home on the other side of the street today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

On Turning 29

I feel like I should do something wild and crazy to celebrate the last year of my 20’s.

I just have no idea what that wild and crazy thing would be.

Any ideas?

So I thought it would be cool to post 29 things I’ve learned about life.

1. It is possible to survive off of one income
2. It too is possible to survive with just 1 car
3. Forgiving is a choice. Choose it.
4. There is always enough room to love another.
5. Change while sometimes hard, can be good.
6. Sometimes it’s good to have a little fear.
7. Also, it’s good to fail sometimes, it makes you try harder the next time.
8. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. At. All.
9. At some point your body will change and stay that way. Accept it and move on.
10. Not every acquaintance is a friend.
11. If you haven’t worn heels in the last 28 years it probably won’t ever happen.
12. Sometimes you have to let men think they are in charge. It’s for the better.
13. Your kids see everything that goes on. Especially when you think they don’t.
14. Also, it’s probably a good idea to start locking the bedroom door (ahem)
15. It’s ok to speak your mind. Just beware of the consequences.
16. Little girls do grow up. No matter how hard you try to keep them small.
17. The music you used to blast has now become annoying. Seriously annoying.
18. You will become your mother. No. Matter. What.
19. You will finally begin to understand your mother. I know. It’s shocking.
20. Being the youngest parent in your child’s class has advantages.
21. Being the youngest parent in your child’s class has disadvantages.
22. Being a step-parent will not get easier. At least not this year.
23. You most likely will not be where you imagined you would be.
24. That doesn’t mean you aren’t as happy as you imagined.
25. Age is just a number. Though my number will never go past 29.
26. That being said, this is offically the last birthday I will acknowledge.
27. Think smarter not harder. I repeat. Think smarter not harder.
28. I’m not getting old just becoming more experienced.
29. Always be thankful to see another year.

This year will be the best year yet!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ok, I Got The Point

Kobi is being introduced to solids.

I started off with just rice cereal. He seemed to like it.

I then moved on to jar foods. First up was applesauce. He swallowed but he wasn’t feeling it too much. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 4 based upon his face.

I then moved on to sweet potatoes. That fell into the 6 or 7 range.

Next up was bananas, definitely an 8. Especially if I mix it with the rice cereal.

I then tried squash. Surprisingly it was a 7.

I then moved on to sweet peas. 10, 10, 10!. He would even grab my hand and try to feed himself peas.

So yesterday I decided to try another fruit.


Everyone likes peaches right?

He literally tried to lean out of the chair to get away from them.

I'm assuming he would prefer if I didn't give him that again.

I'm also assuming he would rate that a "what the hell were you thinking".

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Wig

Yesterday I took Lael shopping for her Halloween costume. I knew ahead of time that it was going to be torture, but in reality it was way worse than that.

We’ve had the Costume Express magazine for a few weeks now. We’ve looked through it numerous times as well as looking on the computer at different websites trying to figure out what she wanted to go as this year.
In the past (in chronlogical order) she’s been a Ladybug, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, a cheerleader, and a Japanese Princess.

We’ve managed to stay away from anything “scary” but I’ve never pushed a particular costume on her.

I had a gut feeling that this year would be bad because it’s never taken this long for her to figure out what she wanted to be.

Initially she told me she wanted to be Hannah Montana.

I have many issues with this.

1. All the Pop Star costumes look a little slutty to me including Hannah's.
2. She would have to wear a blonde wig
3. Blonde wigs don’t go very well with little black girls especially mine (just sayin’)
4. Seriously?

So when she told me this, I did what any mother in my situation would do.

I told her they didn’t have it in her size.

I know. I’m going to hell.

So fast forward to yesterday. We were in this cool Halloween store filled with hundreds of costumes.

She walked past the butterflies, light up fairies, the princesses and the skeletons. Over and over we walked in circles around the store.

I started to sweat. I was slowly becoming frustrated.

Then she spots it.

The one:

Because obviously she wanted to channel her inner hooker.

After I threw up a little in my mouth, I talked her out of it.

As we made our way down the accessory isle, she spotted the Hannah Montana wig.

I can’t describe the squeal that came out of her mouth.

I can't describe the cry that came out of my mouth.

At that point costumes didn’t matter. All that mattered was The Wig.

At one point I actually threatened her that it would be The Wig or a costume not both.

Naturally she chose The Wig.

See how that came back to bite me in the ass?

Then the tears started. She didn’t care what costume she got as long as The Wig went with it.

That is how we ended up with this:

Can you imagine my brown skin baby, in a Vampire costume with a blonde Hannah Montana wig? 

I'll give you a moment to picture that.

Once I got home and she tried it on I was almost in tears myself.

I know it’s just a wig and I should get over it but do yall know me at all?

My hubby was able to convince Lael to keep The Wig for dress-up but not to wear with her costume.

Where was he when I was in the store having a damn near hostage negotiation with her?

Fuck The Wig and Hannah Montana.