Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25-I'm Still Pushing Through

Yup. I'm still at it. I'm pushing through.

This has been the longest 25 days of my life. My knees have been crying out in pain. I'm Still Pushing Through.

I missed 1 day, Sunday night to be exact. But I jumped right back in it. I'm Still Pushing Through.

One night I almost skipped it but around 11pm I did it. I'm Still Pushing Through.

My weight keeps fluctuating on the scale but I look better. I'm Still Pushing Through.

I have only 5 days (actually 6 to make up for the day off) left and want to quit, but won't. I'm Still Pushing Through.

I've been dealing with a lot of stress recently and want to use it as an excuse to stop, but I don't. I'm Still Pushing Through.

I have friends and family that are supporting me and are proud of my accomplishment. I'm Still Pushing Through.

I'm proud of myself and because I've gotten this far I will continue to PUSH THROUGH.


Weight: 146
Hips: 40 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34in

STATS DAY 10: I originally thought I was 146 on Day 1 but I was actually 148.8...ahem.

Weight: 147.3
Hips: 39 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34


Weight: 147.8
Hips: 38 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34


Weight: 148.2
Hips: 38 in
Waist: 31 1/2in
Chest: 34

See...not too much progress but guess what....yup, that's right. Let's say it together: I'm Still Pushing Through.

Oh yeah...and here are the pictures. *SIGH*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Once upon a time there lived a lady who dreamed of getting married and having 3 or 4 kids.

She grew up and met the man of her dreams. They fell in love and got married.

They got pregnant and had a baby girl. The lady no longer wanted ANY more children.

5 1/2 years have passed. The lady thought she could fool her uterus. She was wrong.

She secretly wished for just 1 more bundle. Boy or a girl would make no difference.

She secretly has been picking out names.

Her daughter promises to throw pennies in a wishing well to wish a baby out of her tummy and then wish after the baby is born that her mommy's tummy will go back to normal. (I need one of those wells.)

The lady and her Prince have decided to have another child. She is scared but excited at the same time.

Will she love this baby as much as her precious girl? Will her girl be too jealous of a new baby?

Will she have enough money to care for the baby? What if she CAN'T have another baby.

She prays that all will work out but is sure she will take the next step.

How did you know you wanted more than 1? Did you make the right choice?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 15 with Bonus Pictures (Gasp)

I have accomplished something I haven't done since I was 17 years old. I have worked out for 17 days straight. No. Break.

I didn't think I had it in me but I do. So do you. After a few days it has become part of my routine. Eat dinner, clean the kitchen, give Lael a bath, put Lael to bed, Shred, watch TV and repeat.

I have gotten a little frustrated because I weigh myself almost every morning and my weight continues to fluctuate but there is VISIBLE change. My arms are becoming toned, my abs are peeking through, and my thigh muscles are AWESOME!

I took pictures on day 15 and re-weighed and re-measured myself.


Weight: 146
Hips: 40 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34in

STATS DAY 10: I originally thought I was 146 on Day 1 but I was actually 148.8...ahem.

Weight: 147.3
Hips: 39 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34


Weight: 147.8
Hips: 38 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34

My weight keeps changing but my hips are shrinking. I'm not quitting. Nope I'm going to keep on going.

I know you wouldn't believe it but Level 2 is getting a bit easier. I'll be moving on (whether I like it or not) to Level 3 on Saturday or Sunday.

And here are the much anticipated pictures.

Don't act like that's not what you were waiting for.

Who am I to deny you?

You really want to see this....A.G.A.I.N???

Ok. Fine.

Please tell me you see the change that I see? No? Come on! Thanks. :o)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Balls Up on 4th Base

Friday was Lael's first T-Ball game.

I can't even begin to explain the level of cuteness.

During practice they are told to run around and practice calling out the bases as they touch them.

Before the game I ask her what they were. "First base, second base, third base, and fourth base!"

Home plate, 4th base, what's the difference?

Because of the rain we had been behind schedule a few weeks so their first game ended up being a double header.

I just knew we would meltdown after meltdown. I don't now about the rest of the kids but Lael had not eaten dinner and her first game started at 5:30 and the second one started at 7 with a few minutes to shove snacks down their throats in between.

Surprisingly they held it together VERY well and we only had 1 meltdown and it was after both games were over.

Being the only girl on her team I had fun shouting out things like.

"That's my girl!" "Go girlfriend go!" "Good job, ladybug!!"

You know that real annoying parent that can't shut up during the games?

Yeah. That's me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Conversation REALLY Did Happen

SCENE: Me cleaning up the bathroom after Lael got out of the bathtub and she goes to her room to dry off.

Me: "Lael dry off and hang your towel up."


Me: "And then put on your underwear and pajamas."(I love to start sentences with the word and.)


Me: "Lael do you hear me!"


Me: "Lael! 1, 2....."

Her: "You're breaking up I can't hear you. Hang up and call me back."



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 Tips on Day 10

This evening will be my 10th evening in a row being slapped around by Jillian. If you have started your Shredding and you are on the first few days let me give you some tips.

Understand, you don't have to adhere to my suggestions, I'm only saying you may want to if you plan on being able to get around your house and up and down the stairs by crawling on your hands and knees....

Tip #1~Just because you have access to more that 5lb weights doesn't mean your bad ass enough to use them.

Tip #2~Drink water, lots and lots of water. You know if you DON'T want to get lightheaded.

Tip #3~Eat a FEW hours before to avoid having to swallow your dinner for the 2nd time.

Tip #4~Stretch out BEFORE you start the video because Jillian's quick warm up is so not enough.


Tip #6~Re-Read tip number 5 and let it sink in.....

Tip #7~Whatever weight you thought you mastered in Level 1 decrease by 2 lbs because you WILL NOT be able to do the same for Level 2 right away.

Tip #8~It's OK to do the "Anita" version, it is still a valid work out, we all can't look like "Natalie" in 30 days. Seriously. Believe me I have been trying...and failing.

Tip#9~Did I say not to move on to Level 2 until you are really ready?? Ahem.

Tip #10~Celebrate any amount of progress you make, seriously I am proud that I have lost 1/2 an inch off of my mid thigh area.

I had taken more pictures but realized they look pretty much the same so just click here if you want to see them. I think I'll take more photo's on Friday and hopefully see some type of change because seriously it hurts just to sit up straight and type.

I can feel my abs punching my fat now just trying to make their debut. For real.


Weight: 146
Hips: 40 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34in

STATS DAY 10: I originally thought I was 146 on Day 1 but I was actually 148.8...ahem.

Weight: 147.3
Hips: 39 in
Waist: 32 in
Chest: 34

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Has it been a week already since my last confession? I guess so.

Things worked out great. I mean, I went shopping so there was toilet paper in the house. ;o)

Let's see...what can I get off my conscious?

I did not start Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred and post embarrassing pictures of myself on.the.internet. Nope not Me!

I did not also post my weight and body measurements only to realize I am heavier than I actually thought and need to UPDATE my post. Ugghh!!

I did not go to my daughters Baseball Opening Ceremony and turn out to be one of the loudest parents there. I did not scream and act a fool when they called out her name and team name. GO ORIOLES!!!

I did not get excited when my husband gave me my Mother's Day presents because has NEVER been the gift giving type.

I did not get to see my Mommy for mothers day and get a GORGEOUS watch from her. Thanks Mommy!

I did not get to spend the rest of the afternoon eating at Chili's with just the little angel who made me a mommy.

She did not act like such a little devil that I thought the manager would kick us out because we were laughing SO LOUD. Seriously, you would not have even believed it. Hee hee hee.

I did not tell Lael that her tooth needed to come out because it was hanging on for dear life and get out of the shower last night and find her smiling like this.....

Yeah, she did not pull it out I could not have been more proud.

I do not feel so blessed to be able to call myself a mommy. Oh how blessed am I?

(p.s. I also did not lose half and inch from my hips and am proud of it. Yup. More pictures later....)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Vault

There are a few things I like to keep in my "happy vault" for when I'm having a bad or stressful day.

I have a few of the same things I look back on. Sometimes it's this video. Sometimes it's a sweet email from hubby.

But mostly I like to pull up pictures that bring take me to my happy place.

Sometimes it's this picture of Lael when she was 1:

Sometimes it's this picture of me and some buddies in Iraq:

But last week I had the pleasure of adding a new picture to that vault. Lael had a school "Footloose" dance and she got down with her bad self.

Lady GaGa told her to "Just Dance"....and she did. (Don't ask me what that little boy is doing behind her.)

Just sayin'

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shred The Hell Outta My Body and Dignity

Yes. I have joined the hype. I have done a Biggest Loser Challenge and forgot to post that our team came in 3rd place. I lost 5lbs and have managed to keep it far.

The only bad news is that since then I have not found the time to get back into the gym. After Lindsay spotlighted me on the latest issue of BackTalk I snooped around some other blogs and found out some women were trying this thing called the 30 Day Shred.

Women like Melanie of Big Mama, Nancy of Mom, Ma'am, Me, Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored and the team at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans have all jumped on the bandwagon.

They spoke about how it kicked their butts and I figured they were eggagerating a bit.

Let's just say that last night was Day 2 Level 1 and like I told one of my friends, I literally had a tear roll down my cheek.

Oh the burn. I feel the burn. My calves, thighs, butt, sides, abs, boobs and arms ache. I stretched out really well after having a warm shower but I still woke up stiff and in pain this morning.

I also decided that I would take this so seriously that I would post before and after pictures. Yes, REAL. LIVE. pictures of MY BODY!!! I know, I typed it and can hardly believe it. As I type this I am tempted to delete the pictures....but I won't.

So I measured myself as well. I mean, I want to be able to track if I lose .000001 inches off of any part of my body. Just sayin'.

So here are my stats.

Day 1:

Weight: 146

Hips: 40 in

Waist: 32 in

Chest: 34in

And *sigh* here. are. the. photos.

I'm sorry if I scare any of you away.


Ok here goes.

I have no more words. I'm going to go hide now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oh my, it's been a while. But now that MckMama is back home with all 4 of her babies the truth will continue to flow.

Let's see what I did didn't do this past week.

I did not almost cry when my parenting flaws were brought to the surface.

I did not drink Strawberry Daiquiri's made with Mountain Dew and share with Lael.

I did not use the bathroom and then realize there was no toilet paper and nobody was home.....

I did not go trash "hunting" with my friend and get forced to grab things off the curb.

While trash "hunting" we did not find a couch in great condition and have a friend come get it.

That friend did not decided to walk with it on his back because it didn't fit into his car!

I did not have a friend come in town for the weekend and wish she still lived next door.

She did not cook for me and I did not eat so much food that I had a stomach ache.

I was not secretly happy that t-ball was cancelled this weekend so I could be lazy at home.

I did not have such a great weekend that I don't know if the work week will SUCK!

I'm sure I have more that I could add but it's your turn!!