Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Because it's just baby fat...right?!?

I am convinced that men don't realize how STRONG women are. I mean I know they think it's easy to go through 22 hours of labor just to have the doctors slice you open and snatch a baby out of you. No big deal right. Well we are strong and all us mother know that if it were up to men the world would slowly lose it's population.

Well tonight my so called strength was put to the test. I have been working out for the past month or so with my girlfriends M-F at 8:30pm. I bath and put my daughter to bed and all that is required of my hubby is to sit his happy ass in the house to make sure she stays put.

I get dressed and get ready to leave but so called husband is nowhere to be found. Hmm where could he be. Since he only has 1 friend on base I figure I'd walk outside and look for him.

When I get outside I hear laughing and loud voices coming from his friends backyard. I know that isn't my husband hanging out like I DON'T NEED TO GO TO THE GYM!!!!

I try to be calm and coax him to come home because my girls are waiting for me. This ass that I am married to thinks it's cool to show off in front of his friends and says something smart that I can't recall but the point is it pissed me off.

I threatened to climb the fence if he didn't get his ass home. He then proceeded to challenge me.
Really? You think I can't climb a fence because I'm a girl? Really?!?

Let's just say I got my ass over that fence and all his friends stared at me as if I was crazy. Yeah. Get your ass home because I gotta get to the gym.

I have baby fat to work off. Yes my daughter will be 5 at the end of the month but it's baby fat right? Fat I didn't have before I had the baby. You want to challenge me too....

I think not.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer Saturdays

Soccer started a few weeks ago for La's team but we've missed the first few practices because of other engagements...one of those being me to damn tired to get up last Saturday.

Well yesterday I forced myself to get up for the better good. La was a little resistant at first but after we dusted off her shin guards and put on her new soccer cleats (thanks Dusty) she started to get excited.

The forecast called for rain all weekend so we weren't sure if practice would be cancelled. But some how the sun came out right on time and boyyyy was it hot!

La clung to me for a few minutes when we got there but after seeing how much fun it was to be allowed to run in the mud she let her guards down.

She is usually pretty bored with the dribbling and passing drill but when it's time to practice shooting goals my little athlete perks right up!

She had a blast and can't wait for next weeks practice. I'm a little disappointed because the director decided that the 5 year olds were too young for games so they don't have any.

Maybe I'm silly but I think it's important for kids to have friendly competition to learn that they can't always win.

Oh well, next year she'll move up and then it's Game On.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What I love about Friday's

-I can leave work early and "attempt" to surprise pick up La from the bus stop

-I get invited to my girlfriends house for dinner

-I can stay up as late as I want and not have to worry about getting up early (unless there is soccer in the morning)

I just had this conversation with La:

Her: "Mommy do I have school in the morning?"

Me: "Nope"

Her: "Yeay, does that mean I can stay with you all day tomorrow?"

Me: "Yup"

Her: "And does that mean I can stay up whatever I want?"

Me: "Yup"

Her: "But I can go to sleep if I want to?"

Me: "Sure"

Her: "I can just do whatever I want"

Me: " Well you can't just do whatever you want"

Her: "Oh like not cooking..."

Huh? I'm sure she had some type of reasoning behind that one.

What I love the most about Friday's is being home cuddled on the couch with squirt having wacky conversations like that.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going Green....by force

I like to think that I am doing my part to help protect the environment. I ride the Metro from DC to the Pentagon M-F instead of putting my car on the road.

I even tried the commuting thing for a month or two. I don't "recycle" like I should but I do keep my plastic bags and bottles and containers and reuse them as much as I can.

This being said, I feel like the forces of nature have felt like I should try harder. About a month ago my Maytag dryer that is less than 2 years old suddenly stopped heating. I would take about a day and a half to dry 1 load of laundry.

Ok I can deal with this because of course I'm too broke to buy a new one or pay for it to be repaired. So I decide to start hang drying my clothes and felt kind of good about it. I was definetly saving energy.

So I started to catch up on laundry and really got in a groove the past few weeks, knock'em out 1 load at a time. Saturday morning I'm sitting on the phone with my girlfriend and I suddenly smell smoke but I'm not cooking.

After running running all around the house to locate the sourse me and my husband narrow it down to the damn washing machine. Yup that's right. So now my washer and dryer are broke! What the hell! Why me! I don't have the money to buy new ones. Being military has it advantages but it also has it's disadvantages. I just don't make much money and this was the last thing I needed to happen before Christmas.

So apparently I'm going green. Thank God for my friends and there oh so good willingness to share their beautifully working appliances with me. My family will help me out with money so I'm sure I'll figure something out soon but good lord what else.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surfing and Dreds

I usually have rules against this....dude.

Isn't this the new style? No I really am going to cut her this weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little bit of this a little bit of that

I have been sick the past few days. Well honestly I started getting sick last week but me being so stubborn decided to wait it out. I am really against taking medicine just because it's so damn gross. I hate swallowing those damn pills and avoid it at all cost.

Well I guess the virus won. My body couldn't fight anymore and I ended up having to call into work yesterday. I hope it's gone soon because I tired of hacking like a lifelong smoker and spitting like I chew tobacco..eewwww.

So on another note, I re-enlisted today. Yup. Another 4 years signed over to the Air Force. The last 9 years have been good to me and my family so I can't complain too much.

I figure by the time I'm 37 I'll be able to collect a retirement check and will have a Master's Degree so how bad could that be.

In other news, I have almost finished decorating for Halloween. La insists that we need "better" Halloween stuff so I hit up the Dollar Tree with my girl and I'm sure our house should pass the test.

My next hurdle will be trying to get La to decide on and stick to a costume for this year. Abby Cadabby? Cheerleader? When will she make up her mind. Keep it up and she'll be digging through her dress-up box for her ensemble.

Decisions. Decisions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rambling about nothing

Today I feel lazy.

2 in the afternoon, still sitting in my PJs watching True Life on MTV lazy. I don't even feel bad about it. After having a long weekend and and even longer work week I just wanted to veg out today.

My girls don't mind, they could play inside and watch Spongebob all day withoug one complaint. Well maybe except for being hungry. Do I really need to feed them? Didn't they just eat last night. Just kidding....maybe.

The weather is getting cold already. Ok well low 70's is cold to me. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas but I am NOT looking forward to runny noses, numb fingers and wind that feels like it's burning my skin!

Oh well, I'll worry about that later. Right now I need to ransack the cabinets for some chocolate. Oh yeah!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Precious Years

So today was a long day. Between work and getting ready for my Matron-of-Honor duties for tomorrows wedding I am extremely exhausted. I am sitting here on La's bed as she asks me "Did you have a good day today...without me?" When did she grow up? When did she get old enough to shower and wash all by herself? When did she learn to shut the water off dry off and completely dress herself without hesitating to ask for my help? Where did all the time go? How is it that she is almost 5 when my scars are still sore from my C-Section? How is it that times seems to be slipping away from me. I am sometimes tempted to separate from the military, move in with my mom and home school her just to get more time with her. My angel cake is all I have. She is my everything, she is the best part of me. I love the way she watches her favorite shows with her mouth wide open. I love her fat toes and stubby fingers. I love how she has gotten into the habit of burying herself with every stuffed doll she can find when it's bedtime. I love how she yells my name and runs in my arms like the few hours we've been apart has been more like years. I love this person more than I could have ever imagined. I could watch her sleep for hours and never get bored. I hate to be away from her and it physically pains me to see her growing up so fast. How much I love my squirt.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Pentagon Memorial

Where do I even begin...one thing I can say is that my eyes are still burning from all the tears.

I was blessed today to be albe to attend the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Dedication Ceremony. I have been stationed out of the Pentagon for 3 years and was privelged to recieve a ticket to witness first hand the unvieling of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. My day started at 5a.m. I got dressed in my BDU's and hoped a ride to the Metro. The mood was a solemn one. It was still dark as I caught the Metro to the Pentagon Entrance. Once arriving there I was awestruck by the amount of people, both military and civilian that were already lining up at 6a.m. to witness this once in a lifetime event. I couldn't believe I was going to be taking pat in history.

My tribute to the victims really started Saturday when me and my girlfriend participated in the 4th Annual Freedom Walk that started at the Women's Memorial at Arlington Cemetary and ended after a 1-Mile walk to the Pentagon South Parking.

Every year at this time I get sad just thinking that you never know when you or your loved ones lives will be snatched. Being military makes me that much more tearful because I know that I am doing good for my country and keeping my daughter safe. Enjoy the pictures....and NEVER FORGET!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I think I can, I think I can

So, somehow I have come up with the brilliant idea that I can train to run a half marathon and today is day 2 of training. Hmmm....I have to come to terms with the fact that I am not 17 any more but better yet almost 27. Damn I'm getting old. I am so damn sore and tired. Yesterday (Day 1) was Stretch and Strength day which wasn't so bad but today was 3mile run day. Yeah. It's amazing how OUT of shape you can get in a few weeks. I thought I was going to F-ing die. Once upon a time I could run 4-5 miles easily, once upon a time meaning just last year. But after moving jobs and recovering from a stress fracture to my right foot, I have yet to get my groove back.

Oh well, chin up. I am sitting here on my bedroom floor stretching my sore muscles and praying that I wake up on time in the morning for another Pentagon work day.

On another note, Thursday is the Opening Ceremony for the Pentagon Memorial. I have a ticket to go even though I have to be on the Metro by 5:30..yes 5:30 a.m. if I'm going to get a decent seat. But it has me really sad just reliving the horror of 9/11/01. I find myself tearing up randomly just thinking about it. It makes me look around and feel really thankful for my loved ones and friends. It makes me appreciate those on this precious earth. So if someone hasn't told you today, you are loved. I love you, just because we all are human and we should stick together not only in time of tragedy but everyday.

Enough rambling...shower time...what's that smell??? :0)