Friday, February 26, 2010

28 Weeks (7 Months)

Alright peeps.  Let the countdown begin. 

I am officially 28 weeks.  This is the beginning of my 7th month.

Can I get a woot woot?

I missed my last appointment due the the last snow storm we had (yeah there's been alot of THOSE this winter).

Because of that today was an EXTRA long hospital visit.

I got there on time and tried to distract the nurse while she was weighing me. I wasn't very sucessful.

I am a little skeptical because taking my weight at 1 in the afternoon isn't entirely it?

So that's what an automatic 5 10 lb deduction. Right?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Bubby is doing great.  They checked me and had a nerve to say he's a little active. They mentioned keeping track of his movements.  10 times within every 2 hrs.

Were they kidding?  He.Doesn't.Stop.Moving.

So then I was off to get blood taken.  At this point I still hadn't had lunch and it was bordering on 2pm.

Cool, no problem, I'll grab something when they are done. 

So I thought.

I find out that I have to drink my Glucose (I got NO warning) and then had to get more blood after sitting still for an HOUR and not eating for an HOUR.  Then I had to give a urine sample and then drop off my first set of blood to the blood bank for my Rhogam shot and blah blah blah.

3hrs later I finally left complete with a bandage on my arse, but the nurse did draw a smiley face on it so, you know, that was nice.

Got lost getting home and all that jazz so it was a loooooooooong day.  But it's ok. Bubby is ok, I'm ok, the world is ok.

I have decided I am going to have another C-section.  Did I tell yall that already.  Oh well, now you know twice.

It will be scheduled for my 39th week so somewhere between the 16 and 21st of May.  Yipee!

Ok, well that's all for now.  I've been really tired lately so that's why my posts haven't been as regular.  Forgive me.

Ok, so here are pictures from this morning.

Have a good weekend my dears!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Have You Seen A Happier Kid?

She got up at 8am after going to bed way past 11.

Gymnastics from 9-10.

Cheerleading from 10-11.


Birthday Party from 3-5:30.

Grandma's House from 6-9.

She has a busy life but she always manages to smile.

Reminds me that no matter how busy life gets.  You can always manage to smile.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Things He'll Do To Make Me Laugh

During the Super Bowl we saw som ok commericials.  Some were funnier than others.

The one that got me the closest to peeing myself (which actually happens quite often now) was the Old Spice Commercial.

You haven't seen it? Go on.  Once again, I'll wait.

Is it just me?  Whatever, I have weird since of humor.

So you remember the iJoy I got right?  It kind of simulates a horse.

Now look what I came home to yesterday.

I actually DID pee myself.  I could not wait to blog about this.

Look at my hubby and all his sexiness......

I do believe he has too much time on his hands.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss Lethargic

I have a confession. 

The entire time we were snowed in I was stressed beyond belief.

Lael got her Report Card that Friday.

It was not very different from the first one.
It stated that Lael is a "joy" to have in class but they are "concerned" about her keeping up in class.

She often doesn't finish her work and the results from her assesment were "below average".

It said that so far this quarter she is doing well but that we need to come up with a plan to keep her on target.

This is about the point were I almost threw up.

Ok, so her teacher left the beginning of Jan to have a baby and won't be returning.  The assistant has taken over for the remainder of the school year.

But if you remember, before she left we had a conference and I was told that Lael had improved significantly.

In addition to that, all her school work that had been sent home was complete and correct. Granted there were a few notes sent saying "Lael had difficulties with the time unit" and I would work with her. But nothing more had been said.

It said that Lael has a hard time focusing during instruction time and that she often seems lethargic. 

That is where I throw in the bullshit card.

How is it that she seems LEGTHARGIC?  I mean really?  The kid gets 11hrs of sleep and gets up without complaint.

I spoke to Lael about this and found out that she tells her teacher she's tired when she's taking a test because she doesn't feel like doing it.


So guess who burnt a hole in her ass while she was home on SNOW STORM VACATION?

What I also did was email her teacher about my concerns.  Here's a snipet of what I sent:

...."After the last parent teacher conference I was under the impression that Lael was improving in many of of troubled areas. But from the looks of it nothing much has changed since the last grading period.

The school work that comes home looks complete and correct so I thought she was doing well. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get her on the right track because she if very capable of doing the work.

I work with her on her spelling words, reading, time, math and money at home and she seems to really get it but for some reason it's not reflecting when in class."

And here is some of her response:

"My comments posted on her report card relates to Lael's 2nd grading period assessment, which dates back to the beginning of January. This test included language arts and math skills that deals with: writing, editing, grammar usage, story elements, even and odd numbers and telling time. At that time, her performance was relatively low in those areas.

I have (and currently) given short, informal remediation assignments to help the students that struggled in those areas. By doing so, I have noticed significant gains in Lael's performance. If it helps, I can formally track Lael's performance by retesting her in these areas; that way we can compare and contrast her skills. Then, we can use the data by implementing remediation or enrichment work. Let me know if you believe this will benefit you as you continue to work with Lael at home with these skills."

I felt good about that.  She asked me to give her a week or so and that she would get back with me with the results.

So I took advantage of the time at home to work with Lael.  She really did have the swing of things but the extra practice made her even more comfortable.

I explained to her that she would be taking the same test and that is was important that she cut the shit (ok I didn't really say that) and do her very best.

I also explained to her that if she didn't do her work correctly and on time that she would not be moving along with her friends to the 2nd grade. 

Yeah, call me parent of the year but I felt it was important to be honest with her about what the consequences could be.

So yesterday I ask her how school was, she says that while everyone else had choice time she had to do some tests.  She said she finished on time and that she knew all the answers.  She said that the only mistakes she made were writing a few "3's" and "7's" backwards. 

I hope she's right.  I guess I'll find out.

In the meantime, I'll hold my breath and, well....wait.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Riding the iJoy

Before I go any further I need you to watch this video.  Go on. I'll wait for you.

That's some crazy shit right?  Almost looks like a dirty toy.  Something that your husband would benefit from right?

Nobody would actually buy this shit right?


My hubby went to pick up my Valentine's Day present today.  He had bought it but it couldn't be delivered.


I have no words.  I actually peed myself laughing so hard at the video and my hubby's demonstration.

His explanation was that he knows how much I will want to lose the weight after the baby so he found something he thought I would like.

Even I am lost for words? 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Ankles Are ALWAYS Warm

Many of my fellow bloggy friends have done a Twitter recap before.

In honor of today be Lovey Love Smootchie Wootchie day I thought I do something a little along those lines.

Me and hubby have been together 10 years and married for 6.  He always makes me laugh, always has and I'm sure always will.

So in honor of my hubby, I thought I give you a little sneek preview into some of his FB comments and so forth.


Just moved tons of snow!! After the Snowjob comes the .......Feb 6

(In response to a "Do You Think Keyona is a Virgin" quiz: Please!! She only wears panties to keep her ankles warm.....Feb 10

Just gave Suki an enema...He is following me around just like Keyona after I bust that ass........Jan 27

Promises the scratches on his back are from falling on a rake........Jan 17

Wishes he could "clean" himself the SAME way his dogs do.......Jan 14

Heard something about a meeting in the ladies room......Jan 12

Needs help naming his man juice......Jan 11

Need I say more?

God I love my man....even when he embarrasing the SHIT out of me on Facebook.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scenes From SnOMG! 2010

So we got a shitload of snow here in DC.

Enough that I have not left the house since Friday morning (to get my hair did of course).

It's Tuesday now and we are expecting another 20 inches or HOPEFULLY less. Honestly...I'm ok with it. The kids haven't been driving me too crazy and me and hubby have kept our distance as to not strangle each other.

The kids get out to play in the snow and get to watch tv, play rock band, put on a few fashion shows and I even managed to have Lael work in some workbooks and practice her spelling words.

It's been cool but I am ready for the Spring.

Here was the view from my window on Saturday.


What's snow without a snowball fight?


Guess I should have invested in some snow pants for Lael, but seriously, who knew?


Here are my snow babies and my husbands chest behing them. See the boards on the house behind them?  That was the one that caught fire a few weeks ago.


This is what Cabin Fever may or may not look like. Ok, she just regular crazy. :)


Of course I used my Hot Chocolate maker to thaw off those little fingers.


And what better way to warm up than snuggling with your sister in a Snuggie.


Stay warm everyone.  Some of my local blog friends are going crazy.  Some are out of power so lets keep all of them in your thoughts as we prepare for SnOMG! part deuce.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Can You Guess Who Took Shots Of My Ass?

I took this picture before we went Lael's first game last Friday. Cute right?


Once I got to the game I realized I couldn't coach and take pictures at the same time.  This is when I passed it to one of the parents who had forgotten their camera. 

Cool right?  They would take pictures of their kid and mine.


Most of the pictures turned out like this:
(Me trying to get up off my knees)


Or this one where I was nicely bent over cheering the girls on as they prepared for their half-time cheer.


Or this one where I am BLINKING! Are you serious?


He (yes of course it was a man) did manage to get one good picture.


How cute is she?  Oh and Lael is cute to huh? Ha!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Blame My Hormones...And Her Mother

I have a confession.

I love coaching cheerleading.

Ok, well that's not the real confession but I feel I need to put that out there as a disclaimer.

The truth is.....there is one little girl on my squad....

That I can't stand.

I mean, I want to strangle her.

I know, I'm going straight to hell.

From the first day she walked into the Youth Center, I cringed.

I had never met her before.  But I just knew.

Her mother annoys me and I'm sure she's to blame.

Or not. 

Can you blame a mother for how her 7yr old turns out.

She talks over us all time, she bothers the other girls around her and she thinks she know every cheer before we teach it.

I split the girls up and show them a cheer and she tries to finish it before I've finished teaching it.

Then when it's her turn to show me she can't remember how to do it at all.

I want to yell shutthefuckupandlistentowhatI'mtryingtotellyou.  But I don't.  I smile.  And sternly ask her to listen.

But I'm dying inside.

My chest is burning with all the things I want to scream at her.

How could this one child get to me so much?

Last week her mother asked if she could move to the 8-10 group because the practice times were more convienent for her.  It's not my decision I told her,  she's placed in our squad based upon her age....but I also said that she should ask.

At this point, I'm willing to forge her paperwork so that she can get the hell off of my squad.

Can you blame me?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That Will Be Enough Of That

If you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should) you will see that a co-worker of mine got sick Monday and vomited quite a few times in the trashcan before we could convince her to go home.

She was hesitant at first but after I had to swallow that extra saliva you get when you hear people dry heaving I told her it was me or her.  And honestly I would have preferred if she sent me home.


She thought she had ate something bad, even though she brought food from home, and she went home and rested.

Later that afternoon, me the rest of my co-workers exchanged vomit stories.  Gross, I know.

I explained to them that Lael has never been a weak stomached child and the last time I remember her vomiting she had to be 2 or so.  She had been put on some type of medication for something and the only thing I could get her to drink was orange juice.

Well what I didn't do was read the side of the bottle that said she had to take it on a full stomach.


Ever smelled OJ after it's done the tango with your stomach acids?


So seriously, this was Monday we were talking about it.

Fast forward to last night.

Me and hubby had just know....and Lael comes sleepwalking in our bedroom.

She climbed on my side of the bed and rolled over and continued snoring.

I paid it no attention, sometimes she does that and I just let her be.

I went downstairs to get a snack before I headed to bed knowing that I had a 2-hr delay due to ANOTHER snow storm and was preparing to watch a little more tv.

I got back in bed and told Lael to move over.

She did but then groaned and rolled back right underneath me.

I asked her if she were thirsty and gave her a sip of my OJ.

This is where shit gets hilarious.  I say that because I can only laugh at the irony.

She starts whining about her belly hurting.  I massage it for a few minutes and ask her if she need to go poo.

She says no and rolls over and goes to sleep.

2 hrs later I wake up covered in OJ, Spanish Rice, and whatever else I fed her for dinner.

It. Was. Everywhere.

2am and I am up pulling my sheets off my bed, cleaning her, cleaning me and realzing I hadn't washed sheets yet and then realizing I should probably by a few more sets of sheets for my bed.

I end up taking her into the spare room (soon to be Bubby's) and laying out my futon.

45 minutes later a repeat of above.

It was a long night.  I hadn't thought about it until this this morning but yesterday afternoon I felt really really sick to my stomach.  But it passed.

I wonder if I brought a stomach bug from home and passed it on. 

Either way I would like it to go away.  There will be no more vomiting thankyouverymuch.

Lael was still able to get up and go to school today.  I would have kept her home buy hubby let her go.  She said that today was their 100th day of school pizza party and she wasn't going to miss it. 

I'm just afraid the pizza won't stay where it belongs.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

How I Survived The Weekend Without A Telephone

I know we are a generation of emails, texts, instant messages and all sorts.

Most of us pay our bills online.  Some of us have gone paperless and don't get paper bills sent to us at all.

While that is mostly true for me and hubby I believe it is important to at least READ what you get in the mail even if you pay your bill online.

Me and hubby have our home, cell, and internet all tied together.  While this seems frugal it can also be fatal.

Last month my hubby called me from his friends house.

For some reason our home and cell phones were off (even though we pay our bill on time, EVERY month) but our internet was still working.

After hours on the phone with a certain phone company that rhymes with Horizon, they could not figure out what the problem was and by the next morning our phones were back on.


A few weeks after that, I lost my ability to call some long distance numbers.  Not all but some.


I asked my hubby to call and figure out why and naturally he blew me off time after time.


So Friday around 1pm, hubby calls me from his friends house and say the phones are off again.


Lael had a basketball game to cheer at and then gymnastics so by the time we were done with that is was after 8pm.

I expected he at fixed the problem and that I would be able to come home, relax, and have a good chat on the phone.


Apparently Horizon had been sending notifications in the mail saying that they were doing some type of fraud verification on all their customers and we need to fax or mail copies of our id's or something to that effect.

I also found out that they had send like 3 or 4 of these type of letters over the past month or so that he just decided NOT to read because he pays the bills online and didn't think it could be anything of importance.

To make things even better, the verificaiton department who initiated the disconnect are only open M-F 8-5pm.  Doesn't that just tickle your funny bone.

So naturally they KNEW what they were doing by turning our service off FRIDAY evening and then telling us that tech was in our neighborhood and would check our line.

It just amazes me.  1-My hubby is an idiot and I'll be sure to read all mail before he tosses it. 2-Horizon are idiots.  It would have been nice if their departments TALKED to each other and they could have told us last month the reason for our phone being turned off. 3-I'm an idiot becasue I should have called myself after hubby blew me off for the umpteenth time.

So, we got a few inches of snow this weekend.  I didn't leave the house because the roads on base were DANGEROUS.  So I was stuck in the house, with no cell, no house phone. 

Thank goodness my internet still worked and of course I had my DVR. 

It's Monday.  I still have no working phone.  But I'm sure hubby is all over that this morning.

Because if he doesn't get me a working phone soon, I will be out of service, if you catch my drift. ;)