Monday, February 1, 2010

How I Survived The Weekend Without A Telephone

I know we are a generation of emails, texts, instant messages and all sorts.

Most of us pay our bills online.  Some of us have gone paperless and don't get paper bills sent to us at all.

While that is mostly true for me and hubby I believe it is important to at least READ what you get in the mail even if you pay your bill online.

Me and hubby have our home, cell, and internet all tied together.  While this seems frugal it can also be fatal.

Last month my hubby called me from his friends house.

For some reason our home and cell phones were off (even though we pay our bill on time, EVERY month) but our internet was still working.

After hours on the phone with a certain phone company that rhymes with Horizon, they could not figure out what the problem was and by the next morning our phones were back on.


A few weeks after that, I lost my ability to call some long distance numbers.  Not all but some.


I asked my hubby to call and figure out why and naturally he blew me off time after time.


So Friday around 1pm, hubby calls me from his friends house and say the phones are off again.


Lael had a basketball game to cheer at and then gymnastics so by the time we were done with that is was after 8pm.

I expected he at fixed the problem and that I would be able to come home, relax, and have a good chat on the phone.


Apparently Horizon had been sending notifications in the mail saying that they were doing some type of fraud verification on all their customers and we need to fax or mail copies of our id's or something to that effect.

I also found out that they had send like 3 or 4 of these type of letters over the past month or so that he just decided NOT to read because he pays the bills online and didn't think it could be anything of importance.

To make things even better, the verificaiton department who initiated the disconnect are only open M-F 8-5pm.  Doesn't that just tickle your funny bone.

So naturally they KNEW what they were doing by turning our service off FRIDAY evening and then telling us that tech was in our neighborhood and would check our line.

It just amazes me.  1-My hubby is an idiot and I'll be sure to read all mail before he tosses it. 2-Horizon are idiots.  It would have been nice if their departments TALKED to each other and they could have told us last month the reason for our phone being turned off. 3-I'm an idiot becasue I should have called myself after hubby blew me off for the umpteenth time.

So, we got a few inches of snow this weekend.  I didn't leave the house because the roads on base were DANGEROUS.  So I was stuck in the house, with no cell, no house phone. 

Thank goodness my internet still worked and of course I had my DVR. 

It's Monday.  I still have no working phone.  But I'm sure hubby is all over that this morning.

Because if he doesn't get me a working phone soon, I will be out of service, if you catch my drift. ;)


  1. Aha! I feel and impending Underwear Strike...hubs had better get it together!

  2. I left the house this morning and forgot my cell phone. I was without it for...MAX...2 hours and I almost died. Seriously.

  3. I hope he takes care of that issue because an out of service wife is the LAST thing he wants!! (0;

  4. I just hate when things like that happen!

    I think he will get them to fix it in no time! ;)

  5. Sometimes going paperless is not easier. :)

  6. Horizon. They make so little effort once they have your money.

  7. Internet and dvr and no phones - sounds like paradise to me :)

  8. I am so bad that I take my cell phone with me when I go out to get the mail. I know, I know. So I totally get your frustration. And hello? Couldn't the company that rhymes with Horizon email you? Who looks at paper anymore?

  9. Genial dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.


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