Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Thanksgiving Was Perfect Because….

 DSC_0035 DSC_0036  DSC_0038

I get to be her mother.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving….or weekend if you don’t celebrate.

Monday, November 23, 2009

No Take Backs

I'm pregnant.

Like for real for real.

I think it kinda hits me at the weirdest times.

I realized last night in the car that I am basically starting over.

Lael has just reached the point where she is almost self sufficient.

She showers on her own, dresses herself, gets in the car and buckled unassisted.  I'm just there just in case.

You know, in case she needs me to "help" her be a big girl.  But rarely am I needed.

That will all change soon.

It will no longer be me and Lael throwing on clothes to run out on a Saturday morning to garage sale shop, or hit up the store.  Everything will be a process now.

Lael has always been a good sleeper.  Sleeping in is her THING.

On a weekend she can easily sleep in till 1030 or 11 if I let her.

That will all change soon.

What was I thinking.  I will have a crying, pooping little thing all over again.

And guess what.  It is done.

There are no take backs......

Not that I want to or anything.

Wow. What did I get myself into?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Parent Fail

I don't even know where to begin.

I don't know if it's because she's sensitive or if there's more to the story but just like anybody else she has boiling point.

And she reached that point yesterday.

Remember the beginning of last month I told yall about her "friend" bothering her on the bus?

Well since then her and the girl had been doing better.

However, she had mentioned to me another little boy and another girl and her younger brother messing around with each other on the bus.

The one little boy stuck out.  She constantly had stories of things that he was doing but I didn't really pick up on it.

Because of the baby and school I think I brushed it off as kids just being kids.  I didn't realize how much it was bothering Lael.

That is until yesterday.

I get a call from my husband yesterday saying that Lael smacked this little boy in the face and bit him on the back.



Yup.  It did happen.  Apparently the boy has really been picking on her and she had had enough.

The story goes like this. (Remember this is the 6yr old version)

Lael was napping on the bus when the little boy got in trouble and was told to move to a seat next to her.

The other little girl pulled Lael's shoe off and her younger brother began pulling her tights.

Lael sat up and demanded her shoe back.  The kids passes blame to one another until Lael yelled for them to give her the shoe back.

The kids laughed and the one boy said "I saw your underwear" and then the girl threw her shoe and it hit Lael in the head.

The boy then laughed and said "That was a good one."  At this point Lael turned to him and smacked him and then proceeded to try to take a chunk out of his back.

The boy supposedly moved seats and continued to say rude things at Lael.

The only way the bus coordinator found out about it was because the other kids told.  He wasn't upset or crying.

However, she had to do her job which was call us and the boys mom.

She then comes in sobbing about how her child is the victim.

I am speachless. I am literally sick to my stomach.

I could have avoided this by putting in a complaint the first time and then putting in another one when she told me this boy was bothering her.

It's just hard.  How do you differentiate kids playing around and them pickin on each other.

This led to a bigger mess.  Me and hubby argued about it because I never told him about the boy bothering her.

Now I have to go to the Youth Office and view the video tapes (yes they have cameras on the buses) with Lael and any other parents who's kids are involved this evening.

I feel so guilty.  Did she feel she had no other choice.  What am I to do?

Yeah. Happy Frickin' Friday. Ugh.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now All I Have Left Is This Blog...and Twitter

I loved the idea of having a Blog, and Facebook, and Twitter.

It was my outlet.  I could bash my hubby and he never knew.  He didn't read my blog.  He didn't have a Facebook account and could care less about Twitter.

What my husband does love is his X-Box.  And guess what X-Box has now.  Facebook.  And guess who now has a Facebook page.

Yeah.  And guess who sent his MOTHER a Facebook request and guess who created an account also and sent ME a friend request.

So no more crazy crap.  I now have my husband and Mother-in-Law to stalk me and all of my updates on Facebook.

What is this world coming to.

I guess my updates weren't really that special to begin with. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Do I Do?

Guess what came on Friday?

Go on guess. 

Ok, I'll give you a hint. It ryhmes with Resort Card.

LOL! Ok, so Lael got her Report Card.

I was excited when I first opened it up.  To see how well my little genious was doing.

As I began to read it my smile slowly faded.

In her school/grade they don't get grade letters yet.  Instead they get a B=Beginning D=Developing S=Secure and for some things they got I=Independtly L=Limited Prompting F=Frequent Prompting.

Apparently Lael isn't doing as hot as I thought.  She got most ALL Beginnings on her tasks (even though I know beyond a doubt she can do more than it says) and it's seems she need a lot of Frequent Prompting for tasks.

At the end of the report card there was a note from her teacher.  It starts off by stating that Lael is a sweet child.

That was just a setup for what was to follow.

She says that Lael is often laid back and lounging in her chair.  She complains of being tired, and does not participate or seem excited about anything and that she often has to have thing re-explained to her after rest of the class is already doint their work and is very fidgity.


My heart dropped.  I went back through the report card and it showed that Lael has trouble finishing classwork on time, listening while others are talking, and doesn't participate.  She does work well with others and seems to know that work but shows no motivation.


It has been really bothering me for the past few days.  Did I do something wrong?  Does Lael watch too much TV and not enough reading?  Did I make a mistake by sending her to a new school?  Did I make a mistake by letting her start early?  Is she mature enough to be in the 1st grade or should I have let her stay back in Kindergarten?

So many questions.

I do know that a lot of the information is new to her.  Going from K to 1st is a big change. 

I wasn't completely surprised though.  Lael does have a bit of trouble concentrating and following directions at home.

I can look her right in the eye and give her directions and she will walk away and then come back and say "Wait, what did you say?"  It has been a big deal at home and me and hubby have been on her about it.

I have had to repeat myself multiple times at home which is frustrating for me so I can imagine how her teacher may feel.

I have started to put her to bed at 8pm and last night decided to try 7:30.  It seemed to work fine.  Maybe 10hrs wasn't enough for her so maybe 11 will help.

I just don't know.

Me and Little Miss had a long talk and she said that she has questions in her head but she just doesn't like to ask because she doesn't like everybody looking at her.

We are working on it but I am shook.

I don't want her to fall behind.  This is the little girl who walked at 9 months, read at 3, she is capable.  I just need to give her the right tools.

Friday, November 13, 2009

At Least I Had An Excuse To Not Speak To People

We have 3 bathrooms in our house.

We have lived in this house, with the 3 bathrooms, for 6 years.

I get up for work the same time every most mornings.

I leave to catch my shuttle the same time every most mornings.

Me and Lael brush our teeth and primp ourselves in the same bathroom EVERY time.

So is there any particular reason you thought that why we were getting ready this morning you would go in said bathroom and proceed to take a dump?

Was there a need to threaten my toothbrushes life when I pounded on the door and demanded my deodarant?

Tough decisions had to be made.  I had to decide if I could afford to wait for you to finish and for the fumes to die or to go to work without brushing my teeth and deodarant on.

Yeah. Well.  Good thing I keep things like that in my locker at work.

I sure needed them today.

Let's not let that happen again hubby, m'kay?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let Me Bring Back The Positive (Kinda)


My blog has been a bit of a downer lately hasn't it?

I'm totally over THAT! I'm fine. Baby's fine. Lael's fine. We're all just fine.

While at the doctor's Tuesday they took a look at the baby's bottom to find out the sex...

And it's totally too soon and they could only see it's little butt.  Nice try though.  I go back Dec. 11th and they will try try again!

Lael's been doing really great in school.  She is telling time (well only whole hours) and counting money (well nickels and pennies so far) but still great!

So remember when I mentioned those potty words she knows? Yeah, so last weekend I went to get my hair done and she played with my girlfriends kids that are around her age.

They played great until the end.  They got to fighting and came to me and said that Lael had used a bad word.  I doubted is was anything that serious.  Lael looked at me and said that they had called her game stupid.

I asked her what she then said and she said she didn't remember.

After the girls left the room I prompted her again for her word and she said "Well all I said was what the f!*k, but it just slipped out because they kept calling my game stupid!"


My girlfriend thought it was hilarious and her mom ran to the bathroom to preven peeing herself.  Lael just cried because she was embarrassed.

We spoke about it being inappropriate AGAIN but I have a feeling it will peek it's head again.

So then a few days later we are out looking at baby know just browsing.

Lael says "Well I sure hope it's a boy.  And when I change his diapers I'll get to see his nuts."


I have nothing else to say.  I just think she should stop talking all together.  I just can't take it anymore.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being On The Edge

The past few days I've been on edge.

Afraid to use the bathroom.

Afraid to sneeze.

Afraid to um...poop.

I've just wanted to sit and let Bubby be. 

But life doesn't work that way.

I can't just stand still.

Life must keep going whether I like it or not.

Me and Hubby are on our way to the doctors to "ensure" everything is ok.

I'll keep you guys posted because you all have been my only friends through all this.

I'm sure I'll be panicky until I hold this little person in my arms.

Until then.  I'll be holding my breath just a little.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

And That Officially Scared Me To Death

Last night started out uneventful.  I got off of work. We ate dinner, lounged around and then I did some homework. Blah.  Around 10 or so I was done and so was Lael.

I had promised her to have a PJ Party in her room which basically means I get to squeeze my fat ass in her twin sized bed.  Not my idea of fun but I do what I can to support the kids.

Lael has a twin bed with a twin trundle underneath it that is D's bed when she is here.  Lately Lael has been sleeping on the lower trundle instead of her bed.  Whatever, no big deal.

I dozed off for a bit and when I woke up my husband had come into the room to check on us.  Behind hime came our 3 dogs. He sat on the top bed and the dogs jumped up on the bed with him playing around.  I had closed my eyes again and he got up to leave.  When he did Princess, my biggest dog, jumped off the bed but instead of landing on the floor she landed on the lower bed, well to be accurated, she landed RIGHT ON MY STOMACH.

I sat up in pain.  She was scared and I told her it was ok but my stomach was a little achy.  I felt a little queasy but just thought it was because I needed to eat.  I warmed up some fried rice from the day before and ate that with a glass of ginger ale and then I got back in bed with Lael.

I fell right asleep. My stomach felt a little sore but nothing alarming.  I tossed and turned a little all night but figured it was probably the springs from the tiny bed poking me.  Then I thought I peed myself.  I got up and peeked at my pants and they were wet with blood.

I jumped out of bed and realized my pants and underwear were covered in blood.  I sat on the toilet and it was nothing but blood coming out of me.  And then a little clot and then a really big clot. Like the size of slice of bread.

I then freaked the hell out.

I ran into the other room and woke my husband.  By then I couldn't even talk. Just cry is all I could do.  I managed to explain to him what happened and he remained calm and talked me through what I needed to do.  He looked in the toilet (I was too afraid to flush it) and he said that he didn't think it was the baby.

I continued to freak.  I had already been panicky about this pregnancy and this just did me in.

I got dressed and decided I was driving myself to the ER. My husband wanted to take me but I refused for him to drag Lael out of the bed at 5am and scare her to death.

I left.

They saw me right away.  The nurse asked me how far along I was and I started to cry as I told her I was supposed to be 12 weeks today.

She was very comforting and said that they would get me in right away.

The doctor came in after I changed and layed on a pad (in case there was more bleeding).  Being an ER doctor he was not familiar with the ultrasound machine but he figured it out enough for both me and him to see Bubby.  Safely where he should be.  Moving around and being, you know, alive.

The machine then shut off and he couldn't get it back on.  He left out and got the Doppler machine and we were able to hear the heartbeat (my first time HEARING it and not just SEEING it.)  It was just right. 

Everything seemed ok but he wanted to check my cervix to be sure it was still closed and to ensure I was no longer bleeding.

Great news.  It was completely closed.  The bleeding had completely stopped.

Because I am RH Negative he had to give me a shot of Rogam to prevent my body producing the anitbodies that are harmful to the baby so my butt is a little numb from that.

He wasn't sure if the bleeding came from the dog jumping on me or why I clotted so much instead of a light bleed.  But for now Bubby is safe.  I am safe.  We are safe.

I am resting.  Because I'm afraid to do much of anything else.  We are safe and I pray that things stay that way.

I will be calling my OB to get an appointment sooner rather than later.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trust, There's MORE Than Enough Of Me To Go Around

My mother-in-law is a planner.  I mean if we are going somewhere next year it's already planned out.  So naturally when she found out I was expecting she began to plan the baby shower.  Yes. Already.

It's in April.  April 17th to be exact.  You are all invited.  Seriously.  Send me an email if you are going to be in the DC/MD/VA area and you want to meet me and come.  Ahem.  So anyway, the date and location is already set.

Her house. Food, DJ (yes, a DJ!) and all my friends and family members that I can actually stand. 

Originally I had a few friends that had said they wanted to "help" out with the planning of the shower.  My MIL had been bugging me for 3 or 4 weeks to get her their information so that she could put together her baby shower "committee". 

So just Monday night I gave her the email addresses of 3, just 3 of my friends.  That is when all hell broke loose.

I had no idea that separately 2 of my friends are sweet and great and full of awesomenes. But together, planning something for me.  Not so much.

Everyone wants to be in charge.  Everyone claims to be my bestest, most special friend and know me the best and what I would like the best and blah blah blah.

For fucking real?  What's the deal?  I had my oldest friend calling me at work yesterday (yes only 2 days since I had sent out the original email) bitchin' about how unorganized it was and that she was taking over.

I had my other BF calling me to do my registry right then and there with her on the phone and telling me that she was sending out invitations.

Then I had my sister-in-law bitchin' with them about what the theme of the party was going to be.  The baby's room is going to be Classic Pooh so that is what she was aiming for.  But everyone else wants to wait until next month to find out the sex and blah blah blah.

By yesterday afternoon me and my MIL had had enough!  I remembered my "work mom" (our office secretary whom I love dearly) wanted to help plan. She is older, maybe in her late 50's and is the best party planner I've ever known.

I told my MIL and we both agreed to let her take it over.  My MIL sent her and email asking if she wanted to take charge and she agreed.  Immediately she sent out an email to my MIL with all her ideas and what colors will be used and she's doing the cake and punch to match the decorations and blah blah blah.

I love it.  She was just what the doctor ordered.  She will take charge and tell them other heffers what to do, when to do it and how.

Carlota. Where the hell are you when I need you Mrs. Germany?

Anyway, it's under control now.  I don't know what the big deal was.  When all the wrappers and cake is gone it will be just me with my kids.

Don't think they'll be fighting over me then. Huh? Will they?

Didn't think so.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Which I Will Catch Yall Up

Alot has happened since last Thursday morning.  Let break this down by day.


-Lael turned 6. Yes, 6. I'm officially old.
-I took Lael to her school Halloween parade
-She went through the haunted house and came out with any tears
-I hit my head on a railing and almost gave myself a concussion (seriously, I even had the knot to prove it)
-Got home and felt like I was getting the flu (I didn't but I felt like crap)

-I had my 10wk appt. I saw Bubby (the baby). And the heartbeat. Everything is GREAT!!! :o)

-I got my H1N1 vaccination. Ouch!
-Got Lael the Flu Mist (she said it tickled)
-Took Lael to the base Halloween Parade and then Trick O' Treating (they celebrated on Fri instead of Sat)
-Hubby went to pick up D so I had to do all the walking myself. My feet were DONE!

-Did midterms in the morning
-Took Lael and D to get us all Manis and Pedis for La's birthday.  It was all kinds of great!.
-Met up with 13 family members at Applebees to celebrate Lael's birthday. She loved it
-Stayed the night with MIL so the kids could give out candy at her house.
-Woke up at 5am because I was hot. Lael was on fire. MIL didn't have a thermometer.
-Drove around in the dark and pouring rain looking for a 24hr CVS. 
-Turns out Lael had a fever of 103.4 and had an awful cough. Gave Lael medicine.  It worked.

-Woke up and Lael was brand new.
-Went to breakfast and got home in time to shower and get back in the car.
-Took D home and met up with BF to get baby stuff for Bubby.
-Went shopping at Target to spend Lael's $150 in Target gift cards.
-Got home and stayed up till almost midnight finishing mid terms.

Monday and Tuesday haven't been too intresting. Just work. And recouperating. And remembering I planned Lael a surprise sleepover for Saturday.  Guess I won't be getting too much rest.

Oh, here are some picutres. Enjoy!