Friday, November 20, 2009

Parent Fail

I don't even know where to begin.

I don't know if it's because she's sensitive or if there's more to the story but just like anybody else she has boiling point.

And she reached that point yesterday.

Remember the beginning of last month I told yall about her "friend" bothering her on the bus?

Well since then her and the girl had been doing better.

However, she had mentioned to me another little boy and another girl and her younger brother messing around with each other on the bus.

The one little boy stuck out.  She constantly had stories of things that he was doing but I didn't really pick up on it.

Because of the baby and school I think I brushed it off as kids just being kids.  I didn't realize how much it was bothering Lael.

That is until yesterday.

I get a call from my husband yesterday saying that Lael smacked this little boy in the face and bit him on the back.



Yup.  It did happen.  Apparently the boy has really been picking on her and she had had enough.

The story goes like this. (Remember this is the 6yr old version)

Lael was napping on the bus when the little boy got in trouble and was told to move to a seat next to her.

The other little girl pulled Lael's shoe off and her younger brother began pulling her tights.

Lael sat up and demanded her shoe back.  The kids passes blame to one another until Lael yelled for them to give her the shoe back.

The kids laughed and the one boy said "I saw your underwear" and then the girl threw her shoe and it hit Lael in the head.

The boy then laughed and said "That was a good one."  At this point Lael turned to him and smacked him and then proceeded to try to take a chunk out of his back.

The boy supposedly moved seats and continued to say rude things at Lael.

The only way the bus coordinator found out about it was because the other kids told.  He wasn't upset or crying.

However, she had to do her job which was call us and the boys mom.

She then comes in sobbing about how her child is the victim.

I am speachless. I am literally sick to my stomach.

I could have avoided this by putting in a complaint the first time and then putting in another one when she told me this boy was bothering her.

It's just hard.  How do you differentiate kids playing around and them pickin on each other.

This led to a bigger mess.  Me and hubby argued about it because I never told him about the boy bothering her.

Now I have to go to the Youth Office and view the video tapes (yes they have cameras on the buses) with Lael and any other parents who's kids are involved this evening.

I feel so guilty.  Did she feel she had no other choice.  What am I to do?

Yeah. Happy Frickin' Friday. Ugh.


  1. I don't know what to say. I feel like if my daughter was in the same situation I would have told her to do whatever necessary to protect herself.

    I read somewhere and I agree with it (whether others do or I not, I don't care) - my kid better not start the fight, but she had better finish it.

    Be strong tonight - know that your daughter will be viewed on this tape BUT so will the other kids who abused as well....mentally and emotionally.

    And - if this isn't the first time they've bothered her, that means there are other tapes that should probably be watched too.

    And (again) - be strong for your little one. It's not going to be easy watching this on the screen.

    Sorry for the post on your comments section...again. :)

  2. Ok, I used to be a bus driver for 8 years. BEFORE they had cameras and bus aides or assistants.
    Some of the blame for this lies in the hands of the assistant or the driver. Part of the job is to make sure that ALL children are transported safely and that nothing happens. Discipline is part of the job description. Obviously they are not paying attention to what is going on.
    I am sorry this happened to Lael. IMO she did what she felt she had to do as a last resort.
    hang in there, mom. xo

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Lindy. Good luck.

  4. I know it must be tough!! And I bet they were bothering her and she just had it and lost control! It happened to me this year when some kids where bothering some other ones and one of them just couldn't take it anymore and went all mad on them.

    We really have to keep a close eye on them cause just like you I didn't even know about kids picking on my students until he lost control, but things have settled down cause we took care of this situation and I bet you will too my friend! *hugs*

  5. ...waiting to hear how it went? xoxo

  6. I agree with the former bus driver, the driver or assistant or both deserve some of the blame. I know it is hard to decide what is just kid stuff and what is bullying or picking on. Let us know how the viewing went.

  7. What ended up happening once viewing the tapes? I hope the kids are leaving her alone now.

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