Friday, November 13, 2009

At Least I Had An Excuse To Not Speak To People

We have 3 bathrooms in our house.

We have lived in this house, with the 3 bathrooms, for 6 years.

I get up for work the same time every most mornings.

I leave to catch my shuttle the same time every most mornings.

Me and Lael brush our teeth and primp ourselves in the same bathroom EVERY time.

So is there any particular reason you thought that why we were getting ready this morning you would go in said bathroom and proceed to take a dump?

Was there a need to threaten my toothbrushes life when I pounded on the door and demanded my deodarant?

Tough decisions had to be made.  I had to decide if I could afford to wait for you to finish and for the fumes to die or to go to work without brushing my teeth and deodarant on.

Yeah. Well.  Good thing I keep things like that in my locker at work.

I sure needed them today.

Let's not let that happen again hubby, m'kay?


  1. What was his excuse... er... reason?

  2. Eeewwww...I would designate another bathroom as his. My friends have the girl bathroom and the boy bathroom in their home.

  3. Smells like that can send a pregnant woman over the edge. Who am I kidding, ANY woman.

    Shame on hubby!

  4. oh my...xD

    That is sick! hahaha I would have ran out instantly!

  5. one thing a single mother never has to deal with thank God

  6. ARGH!!! My hubs will do stuff like that and it makes me furious! Go stink up a room FAR away, for heaven's sake!


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