Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let Me Bring Back The Positive (Kinda)


My blog has been a bit of a downer lately hasn't it?

I'm totally over THAT! I'm fine. Baby's fine. Lael's fine. We're all just fine.

While at the doctor's Tuesday they took a look at the baby's bottom to find out the sex...

And it's totally too soon and they could only see it's little butt.  Nice try though.  I go back Dec. 11th and they will try try again!

Lael's been doing really great in school.  She is telling time (well only whole hours) and counting money (well nickels and pennies so far) but still great!

So remember when I mentioned those potty words she knows? Yeah, so last weekend I went to get my hair done and she played with my girlfriends kids that are around her age.

They played great until the end.  They got to fighting and came to me and said that Lael had used a bad word.  I doubted is was anything that serious.  Lael looked at me and said that they had called her game stupid.

I asked her what she then said and she said she didn't remember.

After the girls left the room I prompted her again for her word and she said "Well all I said was what the f!*k, but it just slipped out because they kept calling my game stupid!"


My girlfriend thought it was hilarious and her mom ran to the bathroom to preven peeing herself.  Lael just cried because she was embarrassed.

We spoke about it being inappropriate AGAIN but I have a feeling it will peek it's head again.

So then a few days later we are out looking at baby know just browsing.

Lael says "Well I sure hope it's a boy.  And when I change his diapers I'll get to see his nuts."


I have nothing else to say.  I just think she should stop talking all together.  I just can't take it anymore.


  1. Sorry, but I'm giggling about the nuts comment! She is hilarious!

  2. E has been saying "that's gay - but in a happy way" - isn't that great? That she knows the REAL meaning of gay? Yeah, that'll come out again when I least want it to.

    And seriously? Who doesn't laugh whenever anyone says nuts. :)

  3. I am laughing as well. Where do they get this stuff?

  4. That is AWESOME!!!!! I can say this because it's not my kid dropping F-bombs (for now, that is).

    (And yes, I have this weird thing where I love when little kids swear. It's so funny!)

  5. hahahaha! You're gonna have a BOY!

  6. God that girl slays me.

  7. That is sooooo funny - love the nuts comment - sorry, you'd think it hilarious too if it wasn't coming out of your own child's mouth.

  8. I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the nuts comment. I have two boys (12 and 7) and I don't mind if they say nuts or balls or whatever. But coming out of a girl, that's just funny.


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